Blizzard's Music: Echoes of War reviewed the Legendary Edition of The Music of Blizzard Entertainment: Echoes of War by the Eminence Symphony Orchestra. The Legendary Edition contains two music CDs, a Behind-the-scenes DVD, print cards of artwork from Starcraft II, Diablo III and Wrath of the Lich King and a 28-pages booklet with soundtrack descriptions and Blizzard developers and Eminence musician's profiles.

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Leord3601d ago

THIS is how you stop piracy. Not fecking suing fans!

Just make a good enough product, and people will buy it!

Dorjan3601d ago


Make a box with bits and bobs which are REAL and they will buy it!

martynmj3601d ago

Looks really cool, may have to pick them up for xmas ^.^

Medievaldragon3601d ago

The Diablo III Cinematic music sounds great. I also love the Wrath of the Lich King login screen music.

I also liked the soprano singing the Victorious but not Unscarred soundtrack. It's a medley actually of a original starcraft soundtrack and a Starcraft II soundtrack. The soprano is from the song that Admiral Dugalle plays when he is writing a letter to his beloved Helena, prior to suiciding.

It is also played during the Starcraft: Broodwar cinematic intro when Admiral Dugalle and Stukov are talking in the Battlecruiser bridge looking down toward the soldiers. You know that scene where the Marine looks at the Battlecruiser abandoning them to their death, and he gets surrounded by zerglings.

Leord3601d ago

Cool, I did find it hard to place first.

Medievaldragon3601d ago

Go here:

Press Ctrl + F to search keywords: Diablo II Music Player

Click the link to launch the Music Player. Browse through the soundtracks and locate BW: Brood War Intro. That's the soprano song that Eminence plays in the Echoes of War CD# 2 under Victorious but not Unscarred soundtrack.