What Are PlayStation's Next Big 25 Exclusives?

IGN : PlayStation has said it has 25 exclusive games in the works at its PlayStation Studios, so we try to guess what those PS5 games might be.

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GaboonViper70d ago

Please let one be a Metal Gear Solid remake.🙏

GaboonViper70d ago

Oh my goodness that was beautiful, thanks for sharing, MGS is my second favourite game series after Resident Evil, a MGS remake from the ground up is a gaming dream of mine.

fr0sty70d ago

I love how they have to talk about PS exclusives in groups of 25...

REDGUM70d ago

Wow, I just watched that. That's pretty cool and well made.
Thank you Nyxus

piroh70d ago

...or MGS 6 by Bluepoint games or Kojima productions as well as buyout of MGS trademark from Konami

isarai70d ago

I doubt kojima would get very tied up in another metal gear, maybe as a consultant but he expressed several times he wanted to be done and do something else.

porkChop70d ago

Kojima doesn't want to make Metal Gear anymore. FFS. He'd been saying for so many years that he didn't want to make any more, and wanted to make new games. Konami forced him to continue. But now that he finally has freedom everybody just wants to force him to make Metal Gear again.

Stanjara70d ago

You have to play Unmetal if you're a fan.

Lightning Mr Bubbles70d ago

Probably more installments of their already popular franchises. That's almost always a given, plus they will probably come out with some new IP's. They have some of the best first party developers.

thorstein70d ago

Stray. I can't believe they overlooked Stray.

LiViNgLeGaCY70d ago

But is that from a first party studio?

lelo2play70d ago

Find it funny that Sony announces they are working on 25 exclusives, and some people automatically assume they are making 25 BIG Exclusives.

Silly gameAr70d ago

The people in another thread apparently, because no one in this thread assumed they were working on 25 big exclusives.

dbcoops70d ago

"Some people"? You mean IGN cause they are the ones who wrote the title. The may not all be big but many of them are.

FinalFantasyFanatic70d ago

I actually wouldn't mind if some of those were ports/remasters of older classic playstation games, but I don't think they'll do many, if any. But still, thrilling times for Playstation.

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