BloodRayne 1 & 2 are ReVamped

Neil writes: "We may have gone the best part of a decade without BloodRayne being in our thoughts, but when Ziggurat pushed out BloodRayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites to PC and console a couple of months back, the floodgates were opened. And that is how we're got to today's launch of BloodRayne: Revamped 1 and 2."

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sourOG59d ago

That trailer looks dope. I’ve never played these, what are they like? Ninja gaiden?

The_Sage59d ago

They are more 3rd person shooter than Ninja Gaiden. They are fun though. I played them when they came out.

Furesis59d ago

I tried the first one recently and i didn't like it personally. The controls were way too janky for me. It's a cool looking game and all but it doesn't play as good as it looks.

sourOG59d ago

You tried the old one or these remasters?

Furesis59d ago

The old ones obviously, these just came out lmao
And it doesn't look like they did much with these "remasters" just some fixes and more modern features like better controller support and higher resolution etc.
Just watch a gameplay video on youtube and you'll see if you want to play it.

sourOG59d ago

I already want to play it from this trailer lol. I was just wondering a comparison from someone that played it already.

ApocalypseShadow59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Sup sour. It's a good character in an average game and story. The first game is old. Poor animation, graphics, etc. The second game is better in many ways including the blood splatter(spilling it was part of the fun) but still showing its age. I still have it on the OG Xbox.

Think of the controls and movement being Tomb Raider-ish as you see in the video. The weapons you get, the background contextual deaths using spikes, garbage truck, etc, the ability to heal by sucking on your enemies was an interesting mechanic and good fun. If you got low on health, you could turn the enemy you were draining into bullet fire to keep from getting hit. Had rail sliding before Sunset Overdrive. Her blades cut enemies in the most horrific and satisfying ways. Torso, down the middle, decapitation, dismemberment. It was very entertaining for that compared to more conservative games that didn't allow it back then. And had the Max Payne slow mo mechanic to see your enemies deaths nice and clear.

If the franchise was handled by a developer that was competent, like say, a Sony first party dev, this game series would still be rocking today. Rayne had potential. Had Interesting characters. It just needed that extra push of competent programming.

And I can see from this video, they did nothing special in updating the game. It looks like the PC version at higher resolution. But this is a poor revamp. Worth playing. But not worth spending much if the developer can't even bring the game up to PS4, Xbox one standards. Should have changed from the Infernal Engine to Unreal Engine 4. And they could have brought in new animation. Paid Microsoft for Havok. Something more than what I'm seeing.

sourOG59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Thanks. I was sold at horrific lol. Thats twice I’ve heard disappointment from OG players. But going in a first time? I’m going to give it a shot. Number 2 not 1.

Yui_Suzumiya59d ago

I played the first and second on PS2 and they were both good but the first was my favorite. I plan on getting a physical copy of the first game through Limited Run Games for Switch.

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CrimsonWing6959d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Can’t wait to platinum these both!

Edit: looked at the trophies, no platinums…

annoyedgamer59d ago

Good game. Was obsessed with her as a kid.