Vanguard or Black Ops Cold War? Which Call of Duty is better?

Call of Duty is a machine that simply cannot be stopped. Even if the series has been a little hit and miss, it's had a pretty solid run in recent years. With Vanguard finally here, we pit it against 2020's Black Ops Cold War.

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RaidenBlack60d ago

2022'll be even more awesome ... since its IW's turn again and the rumors regarding the sequel is damn interesting.

swifty160d ago

The only cod I’ve bothered to platinum,

ocelot0760d ago

Spite the negitives I'm really enjoying vanguard and much prefer it over cold war. Like I enjoyed cold war just not the mp. Zombies was good and the single player was decent

Knightofelemia60d ago

I always liked Modern Warfare and I enjoyed the campaign of World at War with Victor Reznov Gary Oldman is one of my favorite actors. After that I just stopped playing COD I haven't touched a COD game since Black Ops when I rented it.

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