Has the Xbox killed the desktop gaming PC?

The all-knowing man on the internet who loudly proclaims that it's game over for the PC doesn't, it transpires, know much at all.

Not only is there this sad tendency to declare the PC the Latin of games platforms, but there's also a constant hunt for a smoking gun.

Is it Microsoft abandoning it in favour of its own Xbox? Is it piracy? Is it complexity and cost?

The key mistake is the confusion of 'change' with 'death'.

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Danja3600d ago

every year I hear the PC market is dying..

well I tend to play alot of PC games still..currently playing L4D..

and why would MS do that when it's still a source of income..

solar3600d ago

blah blah blah same article different day. give it a rest already with these stupid articles.

oh and btw, i love me some PC L4D :)

fuzon3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Is the X360 alive anywhere in the world except USA?

Not to mention the shietty games that came out from it. All games on the crap box flopped except Gerars 2 this year

Resistance 2, Fable 2 are good games but not AAA

L4d IS on PC and is not an AAA . <90% at metacritic

MGS4 -94% at meta , 10/10 from IGN

LBP = 95% at meta, 9.5 from IGN

Gears 2 =93% at meta , 9.5 at IGN

what were u saying ??

Fable 2 = 8.8 and 8.5 from IGN and GS . 88.5% at meta

LBP outsold Fable 2 in Europe. LBP has sold over a million

Motorstorm 2 has sold over a million

R2 might be at 2m by now

All trash box games flopped except Queers 1.1

Bladestar3600d ago

hahaha! if games like Fable 2, Left 4 dead and other flopped... I seriously want to know what you would call LBP, Socom and other PS3 games that sold like crap compare to the games you call flop...

air13600d ago

is the ps3 alive at all after the past few months..

digger183600d ago

Air1, the PS3 is alive and well in all the PAL regions, out selling the 360's total by over 300k now and in a years less time.

People in here think the US is the world..well guess what, its the second largest market, Europe is the largest.

TheMART3600d ago

Ah NASIM again

Shut the fack up moron.

trancefreak3600d ago

Its fairly ironic that when the mart shows up so does bladestar.

Just an observation.

Also everyone here is the Nasim legend when you get Pwned by sony fans. And no my pc is a great game machine when im not playing high quality ps3 exclusives.

Man i would hate to be bot Nvidia/ Ps3 FTW.

And remember i do trash talking for kicks and giggles :) I love all my fellow gamer girls and boys here on N4g

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Keele3600d ago

Yes and that's not the only thing that it's going to kill! Next is the Suckstation!

fuzon3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

For MS 2008 is the last year in console war

in 2009 x360 has no games

PS3 has

FF13 v

PS3 will outsell x360 3:1 in WW sales based on just EU sales this gen

SONY can cut ps3's price as many times as needed in future.

Unfortunately that trash box costs 150$ already and MS cant go below any further

February isnt far away. X360 is just months away from total death

that trash box costs 100 euro i repeat 100 euro in europe and sells like s. In Japan x360 costs less than a DS and so is 150$ in USA

INehalemEXI3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

What a silly question when over 10 million alone play WOW and plenty play other more system demanding MMO's. I quit that habit but many more replaced me.

Simon_Brezhnev3600d ago

i agree they act like xbox kills everything only thing they kill is marketing

SixAmpFuze3600d ago

The xbox didnt kill pc gaming Pc gaming killed the pc. Its just too expensive for the average gamer to be a pc gamer.Theres also to many problems with compatibility

Timesplitter143600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

And they shifted the focus on MMOs too. I think the PC would be doing better if it was still seen as the undisputed king of FPS and RTS, like it was in the days of Quake 3 and UT

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