Hunt Showdown Update 1.7 Enables 60FPS on PS5 & XSX; Performance Update for PS4/XO Next Year

The upcoming Hunt Showdown update 1.7 will enable 60FPS on both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, the game’s development team has announced.


Crytek Interview - Hunt Showdown's Success and How It Has Evolved | MP1st

MP1st talks to Crytek about Hunt: Showdown's success, future title updates, inspiration behind weapons and more.


Hunt Showdown: Crytek Says Success Is Due to Listening to Community and Reacting Quick to Feedback

Hunt Showdown's success and longevity is due to the devs listening to the community, title updates and reacting to feedback, says Crytek.

RaidenBlack77d ago

Hunt: Showdown is really underrated ...
Crytek has done fantastic job with the development and support

PrinceOfAnger77d ago

Good, listen to the community with Crysis 4 too and make something like the original game and warhead in terms of interactivity and destruction/ physics etc
why not combine all things from the series with one open world game?
and don't forget the bow!

SIdepocket77d ago

So in other words, the opposite of the approach taken by the Last Year developers.


Hunt Showdown Engine Update to Help Bring Content Parity Between Consoles and PC

Once the Hunt Showdown engine update arrives alongside next-gen versions, as the team plans on bringing parity to releases on all platforms.

Pamela_Doove90d ago

This is great news!....such an underated and overlooked game, but it has more depth and replayability than most games put out these days, it just needs to catch up with this gen!