Immersion CEO Talks PS3 Controller, Sony Lawsuit, Next-Gen Tech

Gamepro spoke with Vic Viegas, the CEO of force-feedback manufacturer Immersion Corp., concerning Sony's decision to eliminate "rumbling" from the PlayStation 3 controller, force feedback's place in gaming, and the company's plans for the future.

pRo loGic II6374d ago (Edited 6374d ago )

That's cool the dev's are putting the rumble code in games just in case. No rumlbe isn't next-gen gaming Theirs four corners to the nent-gen experiance, Graphics, Sound, Rumble and services. No rumble is like Sex with out feeling in you're **** / -we'll never know.

PS360PCROCKS6374d ago

Lmao I agree rumble is neat, necessary? who knows, guess we'll find out someday

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omansteveo6374d ago

Rumble is very necessary in videogames for more of an immersive experience take resident evil, Condemed or even metal gear for example these games use it well and you get really into the experience

Jak4ever6374d ago

WHO THE HECK CARES ABOUT RUMBLE??????, it was annoying anyway!, and why is this even an issue???? so tired of hearing about this already..Sony didnt pursue it because they know that as soon as the ps3 comes out no one will care anyway. Drop it Imersion, Sony does not care and neither will their true fans.

TheMART6374d ago

ow right ofcourse, now the controllers have lack of rumble suddenly no Fony gamer would mind anymore about it being present or not.

This illustrates the biggest fanboys out there. You even would talk things straight when they say their console wouldn't be a game console anymore. Oh wait, Sony is saying that. uhm uhm uhm ah yeah you would even talk things straight when Fony said their console would be a non standard BetaBluRay videoplayer and games that are shown in CGI but can't make it in realtime. Oh damn uh Sony is doing that also.

I rest my case

Jak4ever6374d ago

What the heck did you just say?

TheMART6374d ago

that you're talking sh*t. Everyone loves rumble exept you. What my point is, that it's obvious that Fony Fanboys suddenly say they never needed rumble now it's not implemented in the controllers anymore.