StarCraft 2 Changes have just released the first in a series of articles that will cover all the changes made to the StarCraft 2 pre-Alpha and Alpha since the announcement in Korea May 2007. Controversial or just a minor change, it's all there.

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thetamer3600d ago

Ohh, I can't wait to read that. how many articles in the series?

Leord3600d ago

I think 5-6 are planned when all is done.

Terrice3600d ago

I'm hoping at least one for each of the races. It'll be interesting to see how some of the units have changed from their original ideas.

Medievaldragon3600d ago

Yea, so many units have been axed. By the time Starcraft II launches, many fans will forget what all these units were or that they even existed. This type of articles serve as archive to find out how things were in alpha and post-alpha.

AndyA3600d ago

Seems pretty comprehensive. Good article.

Synteny3600d ago

Kudos to Troglodyte for keeping up with the changes, I do not think I would be able to do the same.

Leord3600d ago

Majority of SC fans are not really that good at writing. That doesn't mean anything bad, it's just that people have different interests. Some people are just better at other things.

Leord3600d ago

I find it fascinating how much info Blizzard have actually divulged to the fans. Look at D3, which has almost nothing in terms of development info for 6 months...

Terrice3600d ago

Agreed, the development of SC2 is more of the exception than the rule. I hope the fans don't start to expect this of more developers with future releases.

Synteny3600d ago

Well, they want to make SC2 just as good if not better than SC as an e-sport so they do need (I believe) feedback from the community.

Diablo 3 is not in the same situation so I don't think they would follow the same method. However, I agree that there has not been that much info on the game (even if I do not care much about D3). They probably do not have things ready for show yet (either that or they are still suffering from the trauma they suffered when the game was unveiled to us).

darker3600d ago

Have to agree on that one, SC1's status on e-sport scene has some effect.

Dorjan3600d ago

What a great, clear and detailed look!


Leord3600d ago

It's missing terran and Zerg, I assume they come later =)

Panthers3599d ago

All I care about is the Terran. I hope they get rid of that dumb Thors Hammer. It makes no sense.

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The story is too old to be commented.