Ruined King Review: A GOTY Contender – But Why Tho?

Ruined King: A League of Legends Story sees some of Runeterra's many heroes joining forces to face the threat of the Black Mists.

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IanTH745d ago (Edited 745d ago )

It looks good, but it also looks like a reskin of Battlechasers: Nightwar. Given it is the same developer, not entirely surprising, but I'm interested to look into it a bit more to see if it's more of that, or if it has some twists of its own.

Spenok745d ago

That was a great game to be honest.

IanTH744d ago

It definitely was! I played it all the way through not too long after launch. I wouldn't necessarily mind more of the same, but would be more enticed if I knew there were some interesting tweaks to the formula.

Spenok744d ago

I would sure hope they'd add some unique stuff to this. But even if they didn't l wouldn't be too upset.


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