Metal Gear Solid Mobile sneaks out on N-Gage

Pocket Gamer writes: "Showing what a master spy he is, Solid Snake – protagonist of stealth-'em-up Metal Gear Solid Mobile – sneaked out onto the N-Gage showroom yesterday evening when we were least prepared for it. While the majority of the (almost) ever-vigilant Pocket Gamer staff were drinking themselves into a stupor at the PG chrimbo bash, Konami made its move."

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ToastyMcNibbles3597d ago

hmm anyone heard anything yet on the metal gear teaser or the rumored extended ending for mgs4?

stonecold33597d ago

what konami was promoting its on the n gage and everybody thoguht it was coming to 360 even psp and pc i havent heard much about that extended version for metal gear solid 4 as of yet but im pretty sure it will come out next year in 09 on the ps3

Bnet3433597d ago

Alright I have no idea what the other two comments were going with this but I just want to say what a waste of a Metal Gear game. I hope the five N-Gage owners who get to play this are happy.

sak5003597d ago


N-gage is now a platform which is being made available on most new nokia phones. I just bought N96 and it has n-gage features. Its a dual slide phone. If its on regular mode, if u slide the phone down the top portion becomes multimedia keypad. If u start n-gage appications, u have the rotate the phone and the right portion becomes 2 button and left side for controlling the movement. I'm pretty impressed with the phone and its functionality to be honest.

Will download the trial on my phone and see how this works.

Cheeseknight283597d ago

Alright, I'll be the first to say it.

N-Gage? LMAO. Why can't they have put it on the PSP? Seriously? Do they really think this is going to sell?

Nogames08_09_360RROD3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

When they release MGS1 (PSone Version) on the PlayStation Network it will be compatible on your PSP, this is the case in Japan.

EDIT: Nevermind i just realised this Mobile MGS is a whole new story. Pwned myself.

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