New Diablo 3 Environmental Concept Art

Blizzard Entertainment updated the official Diablo III website with three new environmental concept art featuring Caldeum city, a palace interior and a dungeon entrance. analyzes the bits of info shown in the concept art and the gameplay images. The art direction continues to display darker dungeons with illuminated areas allowing to better identify monsters. The spells are brighter than usual with intense white and bright colors.

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Leord3597d ago

I really like the new artwork more than the screenshots.

Dorjan3597d ago

Nice, always good to see progress on DIII

Terrice3597d ago

Agreed, right now I'll gladly take a some new screenshots.

Synteny3597d ago

Very nice artwork indeed. Wonder what kind of complaints there will be this time around.

Leord3597d ago

Lol, yeah, there seem to always be some sort of controversy =P

Leord3597d ago

I'm really amazed on the level of detail they use in creating this world. Just think of the Skovos image for one!

Xulfxulf3597d ago

come on with some new screens from some new areas, Blizzard. the desert or a different dungeon, or something?

catastrophee3597d ago

weren't those all in the vids?

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