Pragmata Officially Delayed by Capcom to 2023; New Artwork Revealed

Today Capcom announced that its upcoming action-adventure game Pragmata has been delayed, while also sharing new artwork.

RaidenBlack677d ago

Wait ... Pragmata was targeting 2022 release?
I always thought it of as a 2023 game.

RaidenBlack677d ago (Edited 677d ago )

Oh yea ... the initial trailer did point to 2022.
Good ... no need to contribute to the 2022's delayed clutter.

Muigi677d ago

Man that REngine is a stunner!

Magog677d ago (Edited 677d ago )

Very expected but it looks like it will be a great game when it comes out. 2022 is already loaded with Playstation Exclusives so this is fine by me. Make it the best game it can be.

Vithar676d ago

cutie :) you are forgiven!

Teflon02676d ago

Wonder if they cleaned up it's look. Felt too much was going on with everything and the filters in the first appearance. This little video kinda has me hoping it looks more clean like this

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PRAGMATA - June 2023 Trailer

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sparky77105d ago

Wow delayed in definitely seems like Deep Down 2.0, I wonder if it's because Sony cut funds again.

Seems like there is a trend of games being announced at Sony presentations then disappearing like Abandoned, Deep Down, that GaaS game with all the layoff, KOTOR and the old favourite Agent.

VersusDMC105d ago

It's coming out on Xbox so why would Sony be giving them money to make it?
Do we blame Microsoft if exoprimal and path of the goddess are shit because they are on gamepass?

Nice try trying to build up towards your conspiracy again.

Good job looking foolish once again.

KwietStorm_BLM105d ago

I thought it was a PlayStation exclusive, so whatever I guess

Yui_Suzumiya105d ago

He mentioned that because it premiered 3 years ago at the Playstation 5 reveal event and nothing has been shown since.

Chevalier105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

"When it does arrive, Pragmata will come to PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X."

Yeah its Playstations fault?! Lol. I know it's really hard to type, read and find things like this article here. Oh wait it took 2 seconds to prove your idiocy wrong.


Sparky not too bright.

blackblades105d ago

Sparky has blown a fuse here folks.

justsomeoffdude105d ago

good lord the level of delusion in this statement is ridiculous.. there are people that think capcom actually requires funding from sony to make a game???

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ebotj105d ago

This trailer did show the first bits of game play that I've seen thus far, Which I thought looked pretty cool! I think it's going to be a very unique game when it does finally release. I'm digging the vibe!

blackblades105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

Yeah, it looked interesting like a vanquish type without the spd boost but with a kid sidekick with powers. I'll say its not your typical shooter which I'm down with those generic military shooter got old long time ago. To bad it got delayed but they know they need more work on it for a better quality and experience unlike other games we know of.

RaidenBlack105d ago

Was not expecting any Pragmata news ... but glad we got glimpses of gameplay

Flawlessmic105d ago

So glad this game is still alive!!

I thought it was vapourware for sure, thank you capcom for showing me this!!

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FallenAngel1984188d ago

We’re gonna get Deep Down anyday now 😂

SullysCigar188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

Sony's gonna shadow drop Agent at the next State of Play, I betcha! /S