PlayStation’s Jim Ryan says he’s ‘stunned’ in email criticizing Activision’s Bobby Kotick response

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan has reportedly criticised Activision’s response to an explosive report published this week, which aimed allegations at its CEO Bobby Kotick.

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My_Name_is_Earl494d ago

Jim gets a bad rap for some reason but he's a stand up guy. It takes guts to call out the guy responsible for the most played games on your platform!

fr0sty493d ago (Edited 493d ago )

This really shows just how much trouble Kotick is in... This is like a 9.0 earthquake in the industry, you don't just go talking trash publicly (or even commenting at all) about a CEO of one of the world's biggest gaming publishers when you're the owner of the world's best selling consoles, unless you mean business... Sony seems to be throwing their weight behind his resignation, be it voluntary or not. Activision shareholders are sure to take notice of this.

kneon493d ago

It's not like Activision can really retaliate in any way. Last time I looked they got around 1/3 of their revenue from consoles, and probably about half of that would be from playstation. What are they going to do, stop making games for playstation and give up on 1/6 of their revenue? If they don't force Kotick out for the current issues they surely would for that, money talks

Magog494d ago

Kotick is going to be forced out. No way he stays after this. Too much bad press. Good job, Jim. Maybe they will get a leader that knows how to produce more than one game and the talented developers at their dozen studios can be unshackled from their Call of Duty bondage.

My_Name_is_Earl493d ago

That's twice we agree now...I don't like the pattern forming here!

Magog493d ago

@Earl I'm a pretty smart guy. Open your mind and you'll see I'm always making valid points whether you agree with them or not. 😊

StarLink493d ago

He can say he doesn't like what's happening over there but all that is for nought since they keep making deals with them.

Class_Viceroy493d ago

So all the employees at Activision/Blizzard should suffer because of a crooked CEO? What about the developers and all other thousands of good people at the company whose livelihoods depend on the games selling? Their bonuses, future job security etc.

Why would Jim Ryan and Phil Spencer punish them by not letting them sell games on their platforms because of a bad CEO and other bad eggs?

Kran493d ago

It only took him a couple months to even remotely acknowledging it. I'm not criticizing just him, Phil Spencer should have said something too.

Class_Viceroy493d ago

These guys are CEOs for very important companies in their industry. They can’t come out and make public comments trashing another company until they feel it’s totally safe to and their won’t be any possible lash back against them or misinformation spread. Their PR would never allow it even if it was safe. I

And also…this was an internal email and not even a public statement. It just got leaked.

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