Elden Ring Technical Test Impressions – Accessible Souls | MP1st

MP1st gets some hands-on time with the Elden Ring Network Test, and came away impressed. Here's the site's full in-depth, hands-on impressions.

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CrimsonWing6963d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Now, I like to consider myself a Souls vet. I've platinumed every Souls game from Fromsoftware to date. That being said, I didn't find this incredibly easy. Like, yes using the wolf spirit summons and floating sword art helped, but it's still challenging. I mean Margit still would kill all wolf spirits by his second phase and you need to be pretty good at knowing when to cast spells to avoid taking hits.

I still couldn't kill the dragon and I did die multiple times even using this combo.

Is it more accessible? Maybe by a technicality because you're able to maintain distance using this setup, but I'm still not sure this is "Accessible Souls". I feel all Souls game can be "Accessible" when you summon a good player and hang back. This, I wouldn't say, is a game that if you sucked at Souls games you can easily solo.

N2NOther62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Thanks for reading. To be clear, as I said in the article, more accessible doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy and it’s still a From game. But the things I mentioned that they’ve added to this game, at least based on the CNT, does in fact make it more accessible than the previous games. I also mention right away that you have access to summoning help right away and never suggest that this will make the game easy.

I managed to kill Margit on my first attempt using magic and the wolves. It’s extremely doable to do solo.

And I summoned help to kill the dragon and I used magic and my summoned player used the lightning weapon art to take it down from a distance.