Exclusive: Killzone 2 - Gameplay video

Eurogamer Portugal published an exclusive Killzone 2 gameplay video. Enjoy.

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Jamegohanssj53598d ago

Where's the 360 comparison? LMAO!


rockleex3598d ago

And yes, this video is sped up a little bit.

YouNoob3598d ago

at best. can already hear it flop...pop...pop....

pwnsause3598d ago

jeez is it just me, or is it the smell of Xbot hate coming from YouNoob? Keep the Hate rolling guys, the more Hate you put on Killzone 2, the More Guerilla Games makes it better.

fuzon3598d ago

27th february = doomsday for SUCK BOX 360


Uncharted 2


KZ2 is the god of all FPSES

thereapersson3598d ago

YouNOOB is a troll

Don't even respond to him

xg-ei8ht3598d ago

360 can't even handle fallout 3 graphically, they had to knock so much off it.

360 version. Now where did i put those shaders,rofl.

MaximusPrime3598d ago

its like watching a cut-scene but no it is an actual gameplay!


360 man3598d ago

oh wow those jaggies in the ps3 version are horrible

diefor3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Why compare this with others games, and platforms. Killzone 2 is a powerfull game, and worth everyone play it.

fuzon3598d ago

atleast for 2 years

KZ2 will kill all FPS when released

Keele3598d ago

Except for Gears and Halo.

360 man3598d ago

fuzon i think u should play a game called crysis

Az3598d ago

I've played it, cleared it. All on highest settings. Not THAT impressive if you ask me.

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pornflakes3598d ago

i though doomsday was already with MGS4/ LBP/ RESISTANCE2?

Right now.. lbp and resistance2 are just sale flops, cause the PS3 is only known as the best blu ray player on market.

Too bad, too bad... 4 years in dev and infinity ward will blow this game away with COD MW2.

RIP KZ2.. just antother flop.

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The story is too old to be commented.