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IGN : Has there been a game released in the last 20 years that’s been more influential than Grand Theft Auto III? From its establishment of the open-world sandbox fundamentals to its critical role in reshaping videogames into a more attractive medium for mature audiences, GTA III’s shadow still looms large over almost every facet of the artform. If any game deserved a definitive edition that allowed fans to relive that revolution without squinting to ignore ancient graphics, it’s this. And yet, series creator Rockstar Games has decided to pay tribute to this modern gaming monolith and its two equally acclaimed PS2-era sequels, Vice City and San Andreas, by producing a collection of re-releases that cuts more corners than a Yakuza Stinger in a Liberty City street race. At best this trilogy is ill-conceived and half-finished; at worst it’s straight-up broken. If this half-baked Definitive Edition is anything to go by, I have to wonder if Rockstar reveres its own games as much as the rest of us do.

deleted922d ago

"The truly torturous rain effect, which made me feel I was being waterboarded with a can of silly string."

Brilliant. X'D X'D

"Too much w̶a̶t̶e̶r̶ silly string." - 5/10 IGN

bloodyspasm922d ago

I tried San Andreas for about half an hour and promptly uninstalled that mess

PapaBop922d ago (Edited 922d ago )

I hope Rockstar supports the game and fixes the bugs and improves on the issues.. I want to get my GTA Scarface fix and cba finding my PS2 in my wardrobe. Hopefully the quality of the product effects sales and can get it at half price in the Christmas sales.

PhillyDillyDee922d ago

Im still scratching my head that anyone thought this would be anything other than a quick cash-grab. Rockstar wont even give console players a frame-rate increase on RDR2 because they plan on charging full price again for that privilege. Their games are typically very good but their greed seeps into every corner of them and beyond.

Fact is, the vast majority of people who buy games have no idea what they are buying. People blindly preorder digital games in this era, further emboldening these companies. Until we stop preordering and hyping up games that havent even shown us gameplay, this wont change.

Muigi922d ago (Edited 922d ago )


--Onilink--922d ago (Edited 922d ago )

The thing is, a quick cash grab would have been just packing them together, do an upres and maaaybe a performance boost and call it a day (and it probably would have been better than what we got)

Its basically by choosing to do more than that but then failing miserably, that we got the current mess of a game, which I have no doubts is in major part due to lack of budget, time and willingness of R* once they decided to “improve” the base versions of the game

Josoap922d ago

I’m nearly finished Vice City on PS4 Pro and it’s absolutely fine. No bugs at all so far. I wish it had better performance but overall I’m happy with it. Maybe I just picked the best one to start with, some of the San Andreas footage i saw was truly frightening however. Hopefully if gets somewhat cleaned up by the time I get round to playing it

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Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition is Still Not up to Standard Two Years Later

Worse still though, it appears as though The Trilogy has been abandoned by Rockstar and Take Two Interactive.

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Inverno160d ago

By today's standards, I'd argue that being half assed, having a couple patches, and being abandoned and ultimately left still half assed is infact up to standards.

VenomUK160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Yesterday I watched a YouTube video that said the new Netflix iOS/Android versions have a series of visual improvements that significantly improve it and bring it much closer to the vision and mood of the original games.


banger88160d ago

That's just a f****** insult. They need to release that patch for console/PC asap.

Chard160d ago

If this gets applied to the Steam/console version then I’ll consider getting it

Cacabunga160d ago

Cash grabs have rarely been tuned

1nsomniac160d ago

It was beyond garbage. But we’re all over it now right? like it never happened!