The Saints Row Reboot Has Been Delayed Until August Next Year

A Saints Row update from Jim Boone, Chief Creative Officer, Volition.

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Fntastic63d ago

Guess they'll enhance the graphics. They also probably know nothing is coming from R* for a while, so it gives them plenty of time to polish it up with no competition.

blackblades63d ago

Or they just dont wanna have it released same month as so many other games are being released. If you dont know what's releasing in Feb look it up.

Ashunderfire8663d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Aloy says: Good I want my second game to shine, after that first person zombie parkour. An at least I will be out before another souls game comes out at the end of the month. Just don't make that guy with the sword and bow challenge me again Nintendo! I am pushing for Game of the year for 2022! Please don't snub me.

Count-Zero63d ago

They wouldn't have pushed all the way to August if it was delayed just due to other games releasing in Feb. They clearly need to do more work on it with a ~7 month delay.

gamer780463d ago

hopefully they are rebooting their reboot....

bloodyspasm63d ago

Makes sense if you look at what they're competing with in the original timeslot :D

adaminoregon63d ago

Glad they are delaying it instead of putting out unfinished trash but for the love of dog please quit announcing release dates when you KNOW your game ain’t anywhere near complete. It’s ridiculous.

nmbr1esq63d ago

As well as taking much of the criticism and retooling the game, I'm hopeful this delay will allow them the ability to ditch the PS4 and Xbox one versions, as it will be nearly another year into this Gen.

HeliosHex63d ago

Hopefully it's too make it more gritty and less fortnite

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