New hi-res Uncharted 2 photos

New photos of Game Informer's Uncharted 2: Among Thieves cover story have hit the net, showcasing protagonist Nathan Drake battling enemies in dilapidated city. Thanks to forum member iDeLine for the photos.

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Marcello3601d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Those screenshots look mighty good eeerrrr i mean ...

- Devastating
- Spectacular
- Ahh..mazing
- Breathtaking
- Screaming
- Gorgeous
- Stunning
- Fantastic
- Stellar
- Dramatic
- Gorgeous
- Superb
- Ultimate
- Insane
- Marvelous
- 10x BETTER in motion... you name it.

Edit: is that better SonySoldier :)

3600d ago
callahan093600d ago

I agree.

This game, from the looks of these tiny low-quality photos of a magazine, has the potential to be the best looking console game ever. It seems to me that it looks better than Killzone 2, and much more colorful and pretty surroundings to boot. I'm excited to this video on at the VGA's on Sunday!!!

SaiyanFury3600d ago

Ooo Claudia Black is coming, nice! I always loved her since Farscape one of the most brilliant sci-fi shows of all time. She was good in Conan on PS3 and 360 and no doubt her voice work will complement Uncharted 2 very well.

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InMyOpinion3600d ago

Looks great.

That move where he throws the guard over the ledge is copied straight from Splinter Cell. Good thing though cause it's a cool move.

fuzon3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Uncharted looks better than all games on SUCK BOX 360

sucks to be an XBOT troll since there isnt anything even worth mentioning for x360 in 2009

arent u even ashamed BOT to post here. On one hand we have lifelike games like this in 2009. On the oher u have GAYSEX with GAYLO3 DLC

U2 looks 50X better than all games on SUCK BOX 360

Magic_The_Celt3600d ago

Lmao yeah Jenzo

because the actual phsyical move of throwing a guy was invented by Splinter Cell


fishd3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

At last something readable,woohoo!

Edit: Not that readable damit:(

The level of detail in this pic is mind boggling

UE3 will explode with that many object on the screen at the same time

Downtown boogey3600d ago

the picture in the left corner of the second pic: Ground on the left.
Body boggling!

Hellsvacancy3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

But the next game has got my attention

I guess i got a hard-on for snow hopefully K2 will also feature it

lookin good Naughty Dog

Edit. @SonySoldier - U put 2gether a cool comment until u used 1 of the 2 forbidden words in the gamer-zone "Xbot" it wont go down to well in here trust me brother i know...

Edit 2. And i guess Omega4 has a hard on for the 360 because he just cant resist having a digg at the Ps3 no matter how little it is "Hopefully this time they can make the platforming elements actually platforming instead of just one jump = success no matter how you go about it" - and Assassins creed was any different

Foxgod3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

oops replied to the wrong person.

fuzon3600d ago

death commences on 27th february

PS3 will tear competition in 2009

FF13 vs
Uncharted 2
Ratchet MMO
Yakuza 3

lame RTS gaylowars
flop blade
flop ocean 4

really sucks to be a SUCK BOX 360 owner. All games of SUCK BOX 360 loom outdated vs those ps3 games

RIP MS in 2009

Keele3600d ago

Gaylo 3 isn't nearly as gay as Gaystation 3!