Re: Final Fantasy XIII Scans - New Artwork, Trailers out Soon Like yesterdays CLOUD Message scans, the Re: Final Fantasy XIII magazine has been uploaded to the internet one day prior to it's official release. The scans contain the Final Fantasy XIII and Versus posters in full as well as the pretty amazing Shiva artwork we've seen in photos from DKS3137.


A new scan for Final Fantasy XIII containing some artwork of Pulse has surfaced. Ifrit's artwork has also been uploaded.

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die_fiend3601d ago

This game's gonna be immense. Just look at how much effort they're putting into the design of the characters and it's obvious they're very hard at work. They've always been quiet about new games and this is no different, but obviously the hardest one they've ever had to make. Any1 who thinks Level 5 and WKC is gonna beat this is so delluded. I watched a trailer yesterday for WKC and the combat looked absolutely awful, as did everything else.

vasilisk3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Dude why do you even bother bringing WKC in a FF thread? You haven't seen any gameplay videos from FF13 and yet you're comparing those two. Let me guess. You don't own a PS3, do you? And let me guess again. If FF13 was still a PS3 exclusive you'll be ranting about things like that it's not your type of game and so on.
And who said anyone about WKC beating FF13? What exactly one game beating another game means? I didn't know it was a competition between the two. All people are saying is that Square-Enix publishes a lot of crap lately and Level-5 makes great RPGs and it's true. Also FFXII was as crap as it gets so I find it normal for people and fans to worry about FF13's quality since I haven't seen anything good from SE lately. And guess what? The character models also looked great in FFXII but the game sucked bigtime. It is the only FF game that I still haven't finished yet.

die_fiend3601d ago

"If FF13 was still a PS3 exclusive you'll be ranting about things like that it's not your type of game and so on."
What are you talking about? I've always been a big FF fan. I've always wanted it since I saw the first trailer
"And who said anyone about WKC beating FF13?" Pretty much everyone with a PS3 who are now saying screw Square (because they're pathetic)
"You haven't seen any gameplay videos" There are bits of gameplay in the various trailers and it all looks so much better.
"I didn't know it was a competition between the two." What a ridiculous thing to say, of course it's competition.
"Level-5 makes great RPGs and it's true." Such as? Dragon quest???
"I find it normal for people and fans to worry about FF13's quality since I haven't seen anything good from SE lately" This one has taken 4 years of development, it'll be immense.
So that's about 20 useless statements in one paragraph

vasilisk3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

It's quite clear that you don't even know what your talking about... If you're looking for useless statements just read your posts, I'm not the one that brought up WKC in a FF13 thread. Talking about useless...
First of all do you have a PS3 or don't you? Because if you don't that pretty much explains your hate for WKC. And if you find everything, between games of the same genre, to be a competition and about one game winning a feel sad for you. It's all about being good games, enjoy them and nothing else. If you can't understand that I'm really sorry.
Level-5??? For a RPG fan you only know Dragon Quest??? What about Dark Cloud and Rogue Galaxy? Great RPGs much much better than FFXII. Even Jeanne D'Ark for PSP and Professor Layton for the DS are great games. But I'm pretty sure you missed all these too. The last great RPG that Square published was FFX and that was 8 years ago before it became Square-Enix.
Also I love how you judge the quality of a game based on the development time. I guess then Too Human is the greatest game on earth. FFXII was in development for nearly 5 years, had great character models and graphics and we all know how it turned out. For a guy who's probably smarter than all of us and understood all about FF13's gameplay from the 1,5 second we've seen so far and he's declaring it great, the assumption above, about the development time and the quality of a game is not a very smart one.
Talking about useless statements. I suggest that you take your rant and your WKC jealousy to the open zone, it suits you perfectly.

Foxgod3601d ago

i do kinda agree, i didnt like rogue galaxy, i didnt like dragon quest 8, and i didnt like dark cloud 1 and 2 very much.

I do however like joan d arc and professor layton.

But WKC doesnt get me warm either when i look at it, otherwise it would make me consider getting a ps3, its the only console i dont own.

vasilisk3601d ago

Rogue Galaxy imo was great and also Dark Cloud 1 and 2. I found Dragon Quest good but not great. My point is that Level-5 makes great games these last few years, SE unfortunately doesn't. I sincerely hope that FF13 will be great, I love the artwork but the quality of the games that SE keeps releasing is subpar and that really worries me, cause I don't want to face a FF12 all over again...

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fuzon3601d ago

FF13 now looks like SO4

WKS for me

by bye Square and ur sheet games

Foxgod3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

i wont be missing out on So4 and ff13.

But il skip WKC, the only rpg from level 5 that ever kept my attention is Joan d arc.

Level 5 should come up with original stories, instead of their crappy sattire ripoffs, almost all their games are based off something.
WKC is based on an anime with big armors, rogue galaxy is based on star wars, joan of arc based on history etch.
(Joan of arc made me laugh that they turned the english prince who joined the french army into a froggy, that was lol)

Maybe i will like level 5 more if they come out with original fantasy setting rpg's.
Until then, boring ass games.

Foxgod3601d ago

thank you square for bringing this to the 360, i hope konami will follow with suikoden.

Timesplitter143601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

yeah thanks for splitting the dev time and/or pushing it back even further.......

Foxgod3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

They will port the game to the 360 as soon as the japanese ps3 version is done, which basically means that while they translate the ps3 version, then at the same time they port whatever they have translated for the ps3 to the 360.

Translating and porting more or less take the same amount of time, and since the porting is done by a different team, i highly doubt that the 360 version will cause any form of delay for the ps3 version.

So dont blame the 360, SE is just a bit slow.

sonic19893601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

i hope the game is worth the wait after all. if it didn't turn out to be what i expected i'll go crazy.

Foxgod3601d ago

if it dissapoints theres always another game to play, but it indeed would suck if FF13 wont be very good.

ShinnokDrako3601d ago

Thank you SE for ruining a wonderful old franchise. Thanks for making Shiva so "different" (technologic...?!? where's my ice goddess?? =((( ) and for making Carbunkle as a clown.
And over all thanks for making us wait 999 years ;)
Really, i miss you, dear old Squaresoft.

jadenkorri3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

why do ps3 users wait for games thats done while they make the 360 version.. How many times has the 360 version released and ps3 owners waited for the ps3 version to be made...ironic that it don;t work our way, but 360 users always gets theirs first or at the very least the same time... Square is dead to me and i hope someone else steps up to the plate..

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