Activision Employees Stage Walkout & Demand Bobby Kotick’s Resignation; Board Defends Kotick

Activision-Blizzard employees have staged a walkout and have asked for CEO Bobby Kotick's resignation. The Board has sided with Kotick in a statement.

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XiNatsuDragnel63d ago

Oof you guys should axe Bobby in my opinion.

dbcoops63d ago

My opinion is we should require proof as opposed to hearsay, conjecture and accusations before we start firing people and taking away their livelihoods. I have no issue with appropriate action being taken but these extreme knee-jerk reactions that are made only to appease accusers and their mob of supporters is unjust.

Bathory66663d ago

But that would be rational and normal. Something the left doesn’t do.

Godmars29063d ago

"But that would be rational and normal. Something the left doesn’t do."

Neither does the right.

mkis00763d ago (Edited 63d ago )

No one does. Its not limited to 1 political leaning.

XiNatsuDragnel63d ago

No one does tbh @bathory666:

People who are calm about this do that tbh in my opinion.

DarthMarvin63d ago

Take away their livelihood? Bobby Cockit is worth $7 billion. O_o

dbcoops63d ago


Your juvenile misspelling of the mans name aside, should we automatically assume guilt without actual proof based on someones financial status? Just fire the guy no matter what because he has money to live on, right? FYI there have been plenty of people that have lost their jobs do to accusations without any proof that are not billionaires.

myfathersbastard63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

If the employees, who arguably know him best, are walking out because of him, that’s bad for business and proves he’s def doing something wrong. If it was 1 or 2 ex employees or even current employees I’d be right with you. But this dudes had complaints against him for a while. Clearly it’s escalated to a point that people just don’t want to work with him.
And livelihood? He’s a top executive at a major company. If he does get asked to step down or fired, he will get a MASSIVE payoff. We’re talking tens of millions. So he will be fine. Your statement is just dramatic for dramas sake.

DarXyde63d ago

"But that would be rational and normal. Something the left doesn’t do."

Well said. To say a few things, those clowns are calling fictional characters communists, are outraged by the change from Mr. Potatohead to Potatohead, and are having conniptions about the Dr. Seuss company choosing to remove one of their own books.

.... Wait a minute...

Newmanator63d ago

He looks like a major greaseball but without proof I don’t see it fair to unseat him, as you said.

Blaze92963d ago

Believe victims, the first time.

63d ago
thejigisup63d ago

I mean he could live off of the money he has no problem. No one is taking away his livelihood.

SurgicalMenace63d ago

No it doesn't mean that he's doing something wrong, just not what they want him to do. Ever had a child throw a tantrum because you didn't give them their way?

People need to get away from using every situation as a potential outlet to their personal angst and frustrations. None of us know Bobby and according to your argument since the board defended him, he must be doing something right.🤷🏾‍♂️

Darkborn63d ago

Exactly. In America you are innocent until proven guilty. They seem to want everyone to be guilty until proven innocent. It is up to the prosecution to prove how someone is guilty with facts and evidence.

dbcoops63d ago


"If the employees, who arguably know him best, are walking out because of him, that’s bad for business and proves he’s def doing something wrong."

It actually doesn't prove anything that's not how proof works and that mentality right there is the problem. Just because people follow the heard doesn't make a person guilty of anything.

"He’s a top executive at a major company. If he does get asked to step down or fired, he will get a MASSIVE payoff. We’re talking tens of millions. So he will be fine."

I'll say it again because for some reason its going over peoples heads, the amount of money he makes or how much you assume he'd receive for "stepping down" is irrelevant, being forcefully removed from his job without proof he did anything wrong is the issue. Instead of people like you who aren't close to the situation demanding his head on a pike you should be demanding proof of his guilt and then expecting the appropriate action.

"Your statement is just dramatic for dramas sake."

No my statement is a level headed opinion based on rationality and common sense, if anyone's statement is for dramatic effect it would be yours.

MaximusTKG63d ago

If anyone would read anything beyond these articles, they would know there has been outside sources (the Wall Street journal and the California department of fair employment and housing) have conducted investigations that determined that not only did Kotick know about all the abuse crap, but often helped to protect employees who were accused of all the abuse crap. So there is at the least SOME evidence.

mastershredder63d ago

His bonus alone last year was 40 million. Even if his ass is cut today, he’s totally fine and he’ll snuggle up with another entity making millions at minimum. That’s legit.

He’s that much of a *^% that it garnered a mass of complaints and a walkout (this has been going on for YEARS).
He’s only held in place by the board.
Even Duncan Jones got burned by this shi7 sickle.
Proof was taken through HR all the way to board. They don’t care as $ and pals ensure Bobby has a net.

Nothing knee jerk about it. You just have nothing to do with it and have a blind irrelevant consumer level opinion.

dbcoops63d ago


"You just have nothing to do with it and have a blind irrelevant consumer level opinion."

Love the irony as you have nothing to do with it either, and at least I state my opinion as such and I'm capable of doing so without the childish sarcasm and personal attacks you feel the need to make.

1nsomniac63d ago

What, so the fact they’ve admitted it’s been a real problem for several years and despite staff that actually work there and know what they’re talking about.

But no lets not make knee jerk reactions…. That seems like the intelligent thing to do.

got_dam63d ago

I agree with the sentiment, but in this case Acti/bliz statement admitted to a couple of the accusations. Like the one where he left a voicemail telling an employee he was going to have her killed. But it's OK because he "apologized quickly" and settled out of court so we shouldn't really care because he is sorry....

Notellin63d ago

His emails showing he was aware of a rape at his company were buried. You really need more proof?

Duraji63d ago

"taking away their livelihoods"

Kotick is worth at least seven billion dollars. Pretty sure he'll be fine. What about the hundreds of livelihoods that he and the rest of the board (made up of war criminals, by the way) have destroyed via harassments and layoffs?

dbcoops63d ago (Edited 63d ago )


"Kotick is worth at least seven billion dollars."

His worth has nothing to do with guilt, you cant just fire someone from a job without cause and say hey its ok for us to do it because you are worth X amount of dollars. I don't understand why you people are having such a hard time grasping that concept.

"Pretty sure he'll be fine."

Not necessarily peoples reputations are often ruined by unsubstantiated allegations. That can lead to depression and other things. Just because your argument is all about money money money that's not the only thing that factors in with these situations.

"What about the hundreds of livelihoods that he and the rest of the board (made up of war criminals, by the way) have destroyed via harassments and layoffs?"

You have any proof, videos, voice recordings, copies of e-mails or is your entire belief based on conjecture and hearsay?

I'm done with this topic now, I can see you people smell blood in the water and you couldn't care less about the burden of proof, someone made a claim, the guy has money so quick grab your pitchforks and join the mob, right?

Dee_9163d ago (Edited 63d ago )

" the incident. Activision’s human-resources department and other supervisors launched an internal investigation in 2019 and recommended that he be fired, but Mr. Kotick intervened to keep him"

@dbcoops thats a lot more than hearsay and accusations. Then to turn around and say
"Under Bobby Kotick’s leadership the Company is already implementing industry leading changes including a zero tolerance harassment policy,"
Is like a slap in the face as it's contradictory to the reality of what happened. it's pretty obvious he wanted to rug sweep and now pr is just saying anything to save face.. instead of doing what should probably be done.
I understand the disdain for cancel culture, but like i've been saying since gamer gate days, don't let the idiocy of people trivialize real issues.

WelkinCole62d ago

So you are saying those folks that are walking out are just doing it for fun?

1nsomniac62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Kotick leaving a voicemail in 2006 in which he threatened to have his female assistant killed which he has acknowledged this evidence exists and has tried to apologise for it.

This guys a scumbag! Deserves more than the sack. Deserves a good hiding by the sounds of it.

The fact you have so many agrees shows how many thick numpties there are out there that while waffling about evidence wouldn’t take 2 seconds to look something up.

myfathersbastard61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

There’s PLENTY of proof he’s been covering up bad bahavior for years. This isn’t the first time he’s had these same complaints lobbied against him. His own emails have shown as much. His own board admitting things were “handled poorly” means things are royaly *ucked up. But they can’t come out and say that.
You sure do love to defend billionaires who also happen to be terrible people by all accounts. I’m not saying he should be fired on the spot. But in the past accusations like these were swepped under the rug with little to no investigation. I think what most level headed people want here is accountability. Have a 3rd party look into the allegations and go from there. But that hasn’t happened in the past, so now we get to where the employees are walking out because no one is doing what should be done.

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Nebaku63d ago

Judge: "Well, a guy on N4G with a Fairy Tail icon thinks you're guilty so....."

XiNatsuDragnel63d ago

Judge: We don't care about anyone on N4G. So don't police ppl and let them share their opinions not matter how off it sounds so...

Juvia63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Actually that's two people with Fairy Tail icons. :)

...not that I think the judge will care. he's probably more of a Sword Art Online guy knowing my luck.

Name Last Name63d ago

In a business sense, it doesn’t matter if he is innocent or not. Activision stock is tanking with the news and if the CEO makes investors lose money then it’s time for a change. His culpability or innocence is for a court to decide separately.

Kaii63d ago

If fired he'll get 300m so it's a win/win for him, just not for the board, who am I kidding, both of those cogs are broken In Actblizz.

CEO Threatens to have an employee killed, and the board stands beside this jackass, I hope the stock TANKS.

bacano63d ago

Man just look his face

"-Uh, Sir? Phrenology was dismissed as quackery 160 years ago. -Of course you'd say that... you have the brainpan of a stagecoach tilter!

Inverno63d ago

This has to be the juiciest thing that has happened all year. Talk about karma biting you on the arse for all the shady ways this company has been for years now. I think companies in general should look at this closely cause it's pretty much all their fate cause they all shady on the inside

Eamon63d ago

Kotick has been looting his own company for years now. There's a reason why he was considered "the most overpaid CEO in America."

He increased his salary, stocks and options while reducing salaries of his lowest paid workers. The lootboxes, the microtransactions, the rinse-and-repeat game releases. Not to mention Blizzard, which hasn't released an actual innovative game since god knows when.

Ever since the invention of microtransactions, 3rd party publishers have just become so sleazy and exploitative with their business strategy. No longer do they produce games. Today it's all which new idea can generate the most amount of money with the minimum amount of investment and retain the largest consumer base for the longest amount of time.

If the employees really want to make a difference, all of them should go on strike till he's gone.

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