Techland: Dying Light 2 Has "Zero" Chance to Be Delayed Again

Speaking to MP1st, Techland states that there is "zero" chance for another Dying Light 2 delay, and is confident it will hit its February 2022 release date.

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Garethvk65d ago

So ready or not gamers will get a buggy launch.

excaliburps65d ago

I sure hope not. LOL! Game has been in development long enough. :D

Terry_B65d ago AAA games at launch ;)

pietro121265d ago

Leaned that the hard way. There’s only a few publishers/ developers that I’d support day one these days. What a shame

TheRealTedCruz65d ago

That's pretty much what that logic boils down to.

pr33k3365d ago

i like the confidence. let's hope the game comes out good tho.

Welshy65d ago

Hopefully it is genuine confidence in the product and not some arbitrary ultimatum from the publisher saying it has to be put the door by a certain date regardless of the games state a la Cyberjunk.

Darkborn65d ago

Let's do it! I absolutely lived the first game and I like how they are focusing on meele weapons this time around.

pietro121265d ago

That’s the only thing I have issues with the first one. I wish the combat was more fluid.

slowgamer65d ago

My issue was that you hit swords the same as bats. moves indeed could have used some variety.
Also fire didn't do much damage at all. I remember throwing molotovs and only difference was that I was more screwed. Now there were flaming zombies coming at me. =P

LamerTamer65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

...and 100% chance to be buggy incomplete mess that will require gigs of patches to fix. No or slow internet? Screwed. Want to own the physical game complete? Fat chance.

I would rather it be delayed again a couple of months, at least the physical version, so I can get the working version.

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