The Game Awards - Game of the Year Nominees

Here they are, the six nominees for The Game Awards: Game of the Year.

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oldenjon66d ago

Damn, Returnal got shafted. Typical honestly, fully expect Metroid Dread to win. Meh

-Foxtrot66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

See I don't understand how Metroid Dread managed to get a nomination and Returnal didn't

I liked Dread but Returnal was better, felt more fresh.

oldenjon66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

100% agree. I think sales are probably a factor for Returnal, and would've helped to have the 2.0 save feature at release. On the other hand Metroid Dread was good but not groundbreaking, and basically used the low budget Metroid formula for a $60 AAA title. It broke sales records before anyone even played it to give you an idea of how strong the bias is.

66d ago
TheRealTedCruz66d ago (Edited 66d ago )


Dread hasn't actually sold all that well. It's up in the air if the game even crossed the million mark, so I don't see where that "bias" comment is coming from.

As for Returnal, well, that is a game with minimal voice acting, minimal marketing, relies on repetition to flesh out game time spent, and was made by a team of 30 people. Yet it's one of the first games to retail at $70 due to "the increasing costs of game development".
Not even hating on Housemarque. Ex Machina is one of the best twin sticks ever made.
But they're not a cutting edge AAA studio. They are very much a small, AA team.

It's weird to call out Dread for scalping players and not Returnal as well.

oldenjon66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

@TheRealTedCruz What are you talking about? Metroid Dread had the highest grossing launch of any game in the series. Left a longer response on your comment below.

TheDoomedGuy65d ago


Whatever your smoking I don't want it.

Returnal does no use repetition to flesh out game time. It uses rogue like elements similar to Hades if not the same. It's not a crutch it's part of the concept and it's executed beautifully. The 6 biomes are different so it's not even repetitive in that sense.

Minimal voice acting? Okay you can't be's has great voice acting and tons of it through monologues and bits and pieces...voice acting and setting is so good you actually care about listening to the tapes and such.

It is 70$ well spent. GOTY for sure but clearly a bunch of pissed off people didn't want it on the list. Heck psychonauts 2 is on there and that game came and went almost without a trace.

Neonridr65d ago

the amount of spinning that goes on in these threads is absolutely ridiculous.

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jBlakeeper66d ago

Returnal is a little too hard and niche for a lot of people, but it’s still an amazing game. Just not hugely accessible.

oldenjon66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

I don't think so, it's already won a GOTY award. As is often the case, I think accessibility is being conflated with difficulty here. It is a difficult game, but gets easier with weapon upgrades carrying over and has an aim assist feature that helps a lot. Actually, in terms of straight accessibility it actually has different option for color blind people which I haven't seen in many games. I think lacking a proper save feature at release is a solid argument but that's already been fixed. It really boils down to sales, being ps5 exclusive, and some stubborn preconceived notions that it isn't on the list.

Teflon0266d ago

Didn't bloodborne get nominated?

I think the real issue is that the panelist they used probably all choose 1 game a piece and they took the top ones. But it makes me further question the validity there. Like don't get me wrong Dread isn't a bad game. It's good, but how is that any non bias panelists game of the year. A $60 metroid sidescroller like the rest, which mind you are great games. But just there's so many great games. Like how did it even beat Forza? I'm not surprised forza got f'd over as a racing game, but there just was so many better options

TheDoomedGuy66d ago

Game is easy. Not even close to being hard or niche. Beat it after by 3rd attempt and then consistently beat it several times.

Same with others I know.

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Lightning7766d ago

If you were to suggest Returnal to your friend who just got a PS5 and is new to gaming you're gonna turn him/her off very quickly, not only will they not play it anymore, but will think is this how all games are? Again say they are brand new to gaming.

It's a niche game that isn't accessible friendly. Genre wise just isn't everyone's cup of tea.

TheDoomedGuy65d ago (Edited 65d ago )


I would absolutely refer a new gamer to returnal!
They're in for a treat.

Probably wouldnt beat it but then I'd show them how it's done and they'd get to see what a little effort does and how it pays off. Awesome story driven game is definitely how I would introduce a new gamer to gaming....instead of something so darn childish oriented like Roblox or cod or whatever other "accessible" triple A garbage is out there where all they get is repetitive boredom and garbage story telling.

TheLigX65d ago

Dark Souls games always get nominated for GOTY. So, nope!

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VersusDMC66d ago

Returnal still has a chance to win Action game of the year unless Deathloop wins game of the year. Deathloop is the only other game of the year nominee in the Action Category.

Petebloodyonion66d ago

It's political, Nintendo needs to have a game in the GOTY nominees.

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Rainbowcookie65d ago

Rogue and roguelikes are real divisive games either you absolutely love em I do or you hate them. Nowadays gaming except for soulsborne ..ring games ...developers try to make games too accessible to the casual player and roguegames won't fall into that category

NeoGamer23265d ago

It is pretty hard to put something in GOTY when it only sold 560,000 copies after two months of release...

I think if it had good commercial success then it deserved a nomination, but that is a horrible commercial performance. Disappointing because I love the game.

oldenjon65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

You have to consider that Returnal released pretty early in the ps5 launch window and the console numbers aren't even there. It was a new IP, new genre (3rd person shooter) for Housemarque, and didn't have the name recognition of Ratchet & Clank. It also had a much smaller budget and team working on it. Sales were actually pretty good all things considered. But yeah, I think commercial success is probably part of the criteria for GOTY. It's just lame because it already won a GOTY award, and deserves to be on the TGA list. Maybe it will win best direction?

TheLigX65d ago

Metroid dread pales in comparison to Hollow Knight and cost $60. Game of the year, it is not.

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Rocosaurus66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Meh, Forza Horizon 5 is the true game of the year. As always, other genres than action/rpg/plattform are disregarded by the gaming press for GOTY.

dbcoops66d ago

lol, a racing game. It was never going to happen.

Rocosaurus64d ago

Highest rated game this year.

outsider162466d ago

Well it's going to win Racing Game of the year. So be happy with that. That's like me asking for GT7 to be GOTY amongst GoW:Ragnarok, H:Forbidden West etc.

andy8565d ago

It's a racing game. A great one but It's not exactly a new thing. If anything returnal is the surprising omission.

Magog66d ago

Returnal absolutely stomps Metroid. WTF? Do they have a limit in place per platform???

Petebloodyonion66d ago

An unwritten rule of the game award. Nintendo must have a nomination for GOTY.
It's been like that forever. Have a look at the past and you will see that Nintendo always has at least 1 game nominated and sometimes it's questionable in regards to the choice.

Magog66d ago

Pretty embarrassing but this is hardly the only GOTY award and certainly one of the least respected.

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Neonridr65d ago

tell me what's questionable about any Nintendo game ever nominated in the past decade. Every game has deserved to be there, there are other games you could replace on this list with Returnal but Dread isn't the one.

Petebloodyonion65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

"Every game has deserved to be there"
I will not say that the games nominated for Nintendo platform aren't good but questionable regarding the trend of the industry when considering others publishers
Animal Crossing? A game with no story that is a life simuator like the Sims. Care to mention 1 other game in the genre that was nominated for a GOTW
Super Smash Bros Ultimate? Again no real story and same game with 0 change since the Wi version
But How many time did Mortal Kombat, Injustice, or any others fighers has been nominated for a GOTW contender (answer is 0)
SuperMario Maker? Again the same patflorm game that you have been playing since 30 years but now with a level editor

And last but not least Metroid Dread now it's a nice game but
How come ORI (both games) Hollowknight, etc were considered " too Indies" when they were released to be a real candidate. Care to elaborate on what Nintendo is doing better compared to Ori and the Will of Wisp?
And that is my point Only when it's Nintendo does a Fighter, a Side scroller, A sports, a Racing, Sims is allowed to be a GOTY candidate despite seing better effort and offering from 3rd party publisher.

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whitbyfox65d ago

Returnal: 85 Metacritic.

Metroid Dread: 88 Metacritic.

Dread is the superior game.

Magog65d ago

Have you ever stopped to read some of these so called professional reviews on metacritic? Some of the most poorly written and reasoned drivel on the internet.

enkiduxiv65d ago

Metroid was absolutely a game of the year caliber game back in 1994. What does this game do that's all that new outside of a parry mechanic that really belongs elsewhere. It's a good game, but it doesn't reinvent the wheel. I get BotW winning because at least it took the franchise in a radically new direction (who would have though a game could let you go anywhere you want. Got to give it to Nintendo. They totally didn't rip off of Skyrim and Ubisoft for that one /s).

Returnal was brand new IP. Journalists should be rewarding that wherever they find it.

Neonridr65d ago

you weren't deciding the games, that's why. Amazing that a panel not on N4G actually decide the games. It's ok though, if Returnal is your GOTY then that's all that matters, not a sticker they put on the outside of the box next year.

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