FallOut 3 DLC Screenshots

Electronic Theatre hosts six new screenshots of FallOut 3's recently announced downloadable content released by Bethesda Softworks this morning.

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Bob Dole3692d ago

Alaska huh. They need to bring back tha Gauss Rifle and make the lasers cut people in half again.

AngryHippo3692d ago

....i love fallout and will definately be buying the additional content. I like the fact that its Snowy and not the same wasteland from fallout 3

mesh13692d ago

only on the 360 shame this wont be coming to the ps3

LONEWOLF2313692d ago

Looks good.

Any word on the cost??
But by the looks of it it will be around the same price as the GTA 4 DLC.

Roper3163692d ago

shouldn't they be more worried about getting the game patches out instead of friggin DLC? Lets add more bugs to an already buggy game HOORAY!!!!!!

Kinda disappointed in Bethesda seeing it is almost 2 months since release and still no patch to fix the many bugs in the game, but we can get the DLC out no problem so we can make more money, instead of fixing the broken game we sold you.

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