Top 10 Nicest Asses in Videogames - #3

Ripten continues their countdown today with a succulent ass from a somewhat under-appreciated game. Most people may recognize this rear quite quickly if they happen to consider themselves fans of both videogames and hot chicks. Ripten's number 3 pick appeared in Playboy, after all. Once again, please be aware that there may be some content in this article that would be considered 'Not Safe For Work'.

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Twizlex3600d ago

Wow, I almost forgot about BloodRayne. She does indeed have a nice ass.

Cookigaki3600d ago

What!? Cookigaki could never forget such sweet suckles like BloodRayne!

Twizlex3600d ago

I didn't forget, I said I ALMOST forgot. Like, it just slipped my mind when trying to think who would be left on the list.

Bob Dole3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Bet that b1tch could crack a wallnut with those buttcheeks.

Twizlex3600d ago

If you're into that, you should go to Germany. I saw a commercial once of a topless chick in a thong cracking walnuts with her buttcheeks and it turned out to be an ad for a gym, lol. That's the kind of stuff they have on regular TV.

joeblk103599d ago

WOW.... getting excited over a videogame ass is quit possible the biggest loser thing i have ever seen on this site. some of you really need to get outside more.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3599d ago

So look what we have here, the "mature" gamer that is a journalist and is disrespecting women. Yes, it's me again; I'm just going to say I'm so sorry for not realizing the importance of your "journalism." Since this is for a whole bunch of thirty year olds talking about virtual butts, sounds a lot better to me now, Twizlex (rolls eyes). I'm sure you can find women who don't think so, but those women would only think that because they want to feel “attractive.” Thus resulting in a stereotype continuing the cycle of depressing women and no, I’m not joking. I still think this is pathetic, unethical, and highly doubt that younger gamers aren't seeing this. That’s why I still come because I can easily be a younger kid/gamer not knowing. It’s people, I mean journalist like you that makes parenting harder because the unethical adults not realizing their choices.


Gambit073599d ago

@Some_One_Plays: I just don't get your point that "young gamers can see this". If they see it, that means they are on the internet and it doesn't take a genius to find all kinds of nasty in here. In fact I think that most people looking at these asses are adults and kids would rather search for real girls ass pics then video game character ass.

chuck liddell3599d ago

u know why? ill tell you why, because they could have done it with only one article but instead they (for some reason) decided to make it in 10 f**kin articles, ok lets say every ASS (article) got an average of 650 degrees , thats a fvckin 6500 degrees for 10 asses
thats the cheapest and easiest way to get thousands of clicks from horny gamers.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

You're able to block it because of the leveling system on the internet, is my point. Gambit07, don't you find the list very pointless and servers no point but to satisfy what he's most likely not getting? Can you tell me what's constructive about this, I might hate a lot of things but this has to be one of the lowest in gaming? Tell me how does this help the image that gamers aren't the stereotype?

This would only make it worse because now what is considered to be safe is just another source for kids to look at something that wasn't meant for them? Plus, lets say for example I was going to make a site for adults only, I would have to follow some rules otherwise I would be arrested or put down. Think about what those rules are, there is a reason why some words on TV gets cencored while others don't?

I could most likely shut down that site faster than Twizlex/Dan Landis can say Top Ten **** (what a pervert). This guy Twizlex/Dan Landis is not just letting himself look bad but actual men like me is getting a bad name because he can't control himself. Twizlex/Dan Landis need to do another line of work because it serves no purpose. This just satisfies himself, which I think is a pathetic thing when you have to look at virtual women.

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Milk is for Babies3600d ago

Really? BloodRayne has a nice ass and all but I don't know if it's better than all the rest so far. I'll have to inspect it some more.

Cookigaki3600d ago

Cookigaki has been inspecting it for the past 15 minutes and it is good!

user94220773600d ago

I can always rely on this story in the morning!

Thx Cookigaki

Cookigaki3600d ago

LOL, no problem but Twizlex beat Cookigaki to it this time.

user94220773600d ago

Well I thank you both, plus bubbles to both of you

jessehaysfl3600d ago

no orchid love............ i may kill something

Fade_Walker3600d ago

Still two more days to go...

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