Sherlock Holmes Chapter One PS5 Review - A Fascinating Case I The Koalition

Josh Limage of The Koalition writes: Everybody loves a good mystery. Whether it’s an unsolvable case or a mind-bending puzzle, most people love the adventure of challenge and discovery. Maybe that’s why the greatest fictional detective in history has survived the times so well. He’s a symbol for the inner detective that lies in all of us.

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rbailey558d ago

A slightly more ambitious entry in the series with some good ideas and a few drawbacks.

melons558d ago

"some good ideas and a few drawbacks" sums up Frogwares overall really, they try their best with what they've got.

myfathersbastard557d ago

Yeah I’d love to see what this team could do with a bigger team and a higher budget. There’s talent there for sure. But their games are very middle of the road, some good and bad but ultimately forgettable.