Game Vortex: National Geographic Panda Review

Game Vortex writes: "It seems like everyone is releasing their own videogames lately, so I guess it is natural for National Geographic to join them. Their first venture into the gaming industry, National Geographic Panda, is a pretty good one.

The pandas in National Geographic Panda are totally adorable. You can tell that the programmers studied real pandas to mimic their movements and actions so well. Even the little things like rolling over or scratching an ear look so real. The backgrounds are also wonderfully beautiful. No matter how much you move the camera around, it is still fluid. You can't always get the angle you want easily, but you won't make it skip a beat trying. They even implemented things like the sunrise and sunset. The sky at those times is just beautiful! There are several choices that you can buy to upgrade the interior of your panda's house. Anytime you start to get bored with the way things look, you can just change everything around easily."

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