PlayTM: Killzone 2 Preview

PlayTM writes: "Killzone 2 has been a very long-time coming, and while the PS2 version wasn't the Halo-killer developer Guerrilla and Sony Computer Entertainment perhaps wanted it to be; it did make a good start in offering a genuinely viable alternative to Bungie's well-established labour of love. Number one was a good opening gambit, then, but with Killzone 2 looming in February, it is time for the PS3 to start clawing back the Xbox 360's lead when it comes to FPS genre dominance.

It is fair to say I enjoyed the original, so it was with curiosity I threw myself into a new five level hands on preview build of number two, having already taken a long, hard look at the ambitious multiplayer mode back at Leipzig in the summer. The multiplayer portion may be crucial to establishing Killzone's first-person 'street cred', but without a sterling singleplayer mode this community-bating, longevity-adding side to the title will be lost in the critical malaise. So, how is that all-important singleplayer looking at this juncture? In a word: brutal."

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Jackthepwnsaur3650d ago

that was a fair preview coming from a harsh magazine.

Bathyj3650d ago

Do they have to say Halokiller?

The media are the only ones who ever used that phrase. Morons.

Gantrfaxx3650d ago

I believe Killzone 2 will kill anything else out there, on any console.
Kz2 multiplayer beta is sooo addictive... i stopped playing COD5 and R2 because of it.

gameraxis3650d ago

what did they mean, a question mark over the cover system???

beavis4play3650d ago

probably that he wasn't smart enough to figure out how to use it. first time i played original gears, it took me a few minutes to get comfortable with it's cover system.

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