Steam servers refuse to buckle as whole world downloads Halo Infinite

The surprise launch of Halo Infinite's free-to-play multiplayer briefly brought Steam downloads to a halt for some.

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Orchard64d ago

It's already hit #3 for concurrent player count on Steam, only being beaten by CSGO and Dota 2 - and that doesn't include Xbox players or PC gamers playing through the Windows Store / Game Pass app...

Christopher64d ago

I mean, it's a free AAA MP shooter. Did anyone expect it to not be downloaded a ton and played a ton?

Orchard64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

I did expect a lot of downloads, but I expected most of its numbers to be on Xbox really. Who knows what the Xbox numbers are though, the MS Store apparently also didn't let people download it so there's that.

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rakentaja64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Bad games don't interest people, even if they're free. Next argument ...

Christopher64d ago

***Bad games don't interest people, even if they're free.***

Well, that's just not true. Mobile market wouldn't be what it is if it was. Let alone PC MMO market.

But, no one is calling Halo Infinite a bad game. So, not sure what argument you're seeing.

If any AAA studio put out a free sequel, let alone an MP game, to one of their best performing games, it's going to be downloaded and played a ton. That's all. Nothing about the quality of Halo. Just, expectations should be set at that as a norm in general.

I'm *certain* Halo MP is performing way above average because people are enjoying it (tons of friends like Capture The Flag mode). But, that's not what my comment was about. Only expectations of being downloaded a ton.

Teflon0264d ago

I'm not a halo fan, but I downloaded it because it was free, that's just how f2p works. Phone games tend to normally have 10 to 100 million downloads for a reason.

ABizzel163d ago


PC has more users than Xbox, there are what 70 million XBO - Series X owners, and over 100 million Steam users alone. Millions were going to try it out, regardless of their platform. It's good that things have been mostly positive, but the servers need some serious work right now.

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As a non-Halo fan, I’m playing on Xbox and I’m blown away by how fun it is. No crashes on Series X. Not a single noticeable frame rate dip in my 2 hours of playing MP.

GamerRN64d ago

Are you playing on 60 or 120fps? I was impressed with how good it looked. Way better than expected

1Victor64d ago

LOL 😂 logic not a halo fan is like is like a Nintendo fanboy not been a Mario fan 🤦🏿
Like a open book easy to read 🤷🏿

Zhipp64d ago

Uhh, I know a number of Nintendo fans who don't particularly care for Mario...

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CaptainHenry91664d ago (Edited 64d ago )

It's free 😁 I wonder if this game will have mods

barom64d ago

I think retention rate will be a lot more interesting. How many will continue to play after a month? I'm no Halo fan but even I downloaded it.

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LordoftheCritics64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

I was almost certain it was gonna crash steam.

They proved me wrong.

badz14964d ago

you underestimate Steam too much. there are constantly high amount of traffic on Steam, connectivity is the least you have to worried about it

Teflon0264d ago

Only 3rd highest, meaning Steam was built for it to combat that. Big numbers for sure, but people really assume steam isn't top tier. It's the reason it's on top. It puts its money in the right places, even if they get to some things at weird times lol

GoodGuy0964d ago

Lol. I was getting about half my usual download speed and thought it was odd. The game is quite good. Shooting and kills feel great. I know its in "beta" but it needs more game modes. Anyhow, looking forward to the future of the game and cant wait for the campaign.

4Sh0w64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Yeah this ain't really a Beta, sure they'll make a few superficial improvements but this feels like the bun is ready to come out the oven....buttery smooth.

Teflon0264d ago

Yeah, they just call it that to cover for any issues that might arise. Genius move really. They get time to fix any surprise occurrences if any. I take this as the official release at this point

Inverno64d ago

Looking forward to trying this out as well as buying up the MCC next year after getting a Deck. Keeping it on my wishlist so I don't forget. I'm not a fan of HALO or any shooter really but I'm I'm curious enough to play through em all

Sirk7x63d ago

MCC is great. 343 put ALOT of work into that game well after launch.

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