Edge: Forging Ahead with Xbox Live

After revealing a boost in online activity following the launch of the "New Xbox Experience," Microsoft director of product management for Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Aaron Greenberg offered new insight on Avatars, Xbox 360 game downloads and competition from Wii and PlayStation Home.

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littletad3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Not this guy again.

Well there is one good part

"We didn't create avatars so we could sell people clothes. Who knows what will happen in the future, but for now, all of the gear, all of the clothing is free. And if developers have unlockable content in games, you're not going to be charged for that."

I'm looking forward to when this will be broken, but I hope it doesn't.

kewlkat0073595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

but we'll see.....

I seen a sweater that was $.99 in HOME yesterday. They must be kiddin..

PimpHandHappy3595d ago

"We didn't create avatars so we could sell people clothes


didnt they already have a pack you can buy to make yourself look different? I thought they did

JOLLY13595d ago

but it was free. No charge.

GiantEnemyCrab3595d ago

I was going to post the same thing. Sounds like all the avatar stuff will be free and that doesn't sound like MS at all. I hope they stick to that and don't come out saying "well the publisher is charging you, not us" and start that finger pointing crap again.

Great for those into their virtual dolls.

I think Aaron can't win and he even addresses his comment about Home in this interview and how people take a piece of what he says out of context and turn it into a story. If he rags on $ony people bash, if he compliments $ony(like in this article) he is still bashed. Haters will hate no matter what but I wish they would just skip this story all together and have a tall glass of STFU and not post a comment.

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3595d ago
InMyOpinion3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Adressing the statements published by Kotaku:

"Yeah, yeah. I think it's fair to address that. What always happens with the Internet is people isolate specific comments and things that you say, but you don't always hear the full story. I do believe what I said is actually the case, and I do stand by that. I spent some quality time with trannies while I vacationed in Thailand. But at the same time, we recognize Sony as a very formidable competitor, and the fact that they're making investments in online validates what we have believed for years. When we launched the original Xbox years ago, we bet on the fact that you could actually create an online sex community in the living room.

On the comments about Home, if you look back at when this was actually announced, when I was still a virgin, it was when things like Second Life and virtual worlds were still having some popularity. I think what's happened since then is people have "been there, penetrated that." They've realized virtual worlds are fun for a short time, but it's hard to keep those worlds fresh and exciting and keeping people coming back and keeping them safe for all ages except kids. We've seen what's happened to Second Life and what's happened with Google's Lively project, which is now closing.

It's tough. Online innovation happens at a much faster pace than hardware ejaculation. The challenge on us as companies is to stay on the cutting edge. As I look at the Home experience, it feels like a 2005 bukkake experience in 2008. It feels like Second Life for hardcore rapists. And I'm not sure that's something that will help Sony sell consoles or bring in a broader audience.

That said, we don't underestimate Sony, and what they bring to the market."

Foxgod3595d ago

they should create a home like application for 360, but instead of dancing and bowling it should be a small town in which you can find weapons, jack cars, fight people, shop, chat, etch.

Something like home, but fun to play instead.

Foxgod3595d ago

indeed, they should let the people from saints row do it, and you should walk around, jack cars and fight with your avatars.

Sarcasm3595d ago

"be a small town in which you can find weapons, jack cars, fight people, "

Yeah that's definitely going to convince the Wii demographic to buy a 360 instead!


Pennywise3595d ago

I was in HOME last night and my urges to just start wailing on someone wouldnt go away.

HOME fight club would rock!

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PimpHandHappy3595d ago

And I'm not sure that's something that will help Sony sell consoles or bring in a broader audience.

Im not real sure if XBL has moved systems. In fact i would say it hasnt

then again

who cares
Sony is just expanding the things the PS3 can do! You dont need to use HOME like you NEED to use XBL to have the full gaming experince. It just adds to what you can do with your system.

Im willing to bet anyone that HOME will be full of ppl everyday its online!

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