Welcome to the Halo Infinite MP Beta


On behalf of the entire Halo Infinite team, and in celebration of Halo’s 20th anniversary, I am very happy to announce that your Spartan journey begins… today! Sincerest thanks to the entire Halo community for your support, passion, and feedback. This day belongs to all of you. Whether you’ve been part of the community from the beginning or are joining with us today, welcome!

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Orchard676d ago

Dropping this on a Monday when we just got back to work is unfair :P

In all seriousness though, the MP betas were great and I'm looking forward to jumping into this.
GP is killing it lately, Microsoft are making it pretty damn hard for me to skip on picking up a Series console (if they were actually purchasable...)

GhostofHorizon676d ago

Halo Infinite MP is free, has nothing to do with Game Pass.

Orchard676d ago (Edited 676d ago )

That part of my statement wasn't relating to the MP but GP all up lately with Forza etc. Although the full Halo Infinite game will be on GP in under a month!

GP's recent performance + Halo MP arriving a month early is making it hard for me to resist Series consoles. Lets see if they can keep it up.

GhostofHorizon676d ago

Half of full Halo Infinite will be on Game Pass in under a month unless they decided to include co-op after all.

Orchard676d ago (Edited 676d ago )

@Nakiro Now you're just nitpicking - if they intend to launch without it, then that is the 'full game', unless coop is some kind of paid addon day 1.

Coop will follow, but Halo is still going to be fire at launch - and is clearly a good addition to GP.

676d ago
anubusgold676d ago

I downloaded Halo on steam because the download speed is way faster 300Mb on steam download compared to 22Mb on gamepass even Ea origin is faster i hit 78Mb sec when i downloaded the new BF .

KillBill676d ago

The Halo Infinite MP Beta is for GamePass. Game is free but not sure if you can join the "Beta" without GamePass? Looking at the download it had multiple options. One option to buy the game for $0. And one option to download and install the Beta for GamePass.

anubusgold676d ago

@KillBill The steam version is out as well .

4Sh0w676d ago

Just finished 4 hours of MP after work. Maaan it feels good, I had some good random teamates, we worked really well together, pushing forward and covering each other, lucky I guess, game is just so satisfying I never felt like I was cheated with some BS kill, daayum just wish I could play all night but I'll get back at it tomorrow...cant wait until the weekend.

anubusgold675d ago

Who hit disagree? The steam version of halo beta came out the same time that's a fact. The salty pony's want to hit disagree on pure facts you are so sad.

starsi360675d ago (Edited 675d ago )

@ Nakiro
I’d much prefer devs to launch in a good state and be honest about adding coop (or whatever) down the line, than ‘do a Cyberpunk’ and try to release a full package that’s completely broken because they were stretched too thin to get it right

This way they can concentrate on making the core game perfect and add the missing stuff on later, also in a perfect state (hopefully)

CaptainHenry916675d ago

I been saving so much money with GamePass on PC. The last two months been free because of Microsoft rewards. I can't wait to play Halo Infinite for free

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darthv72676d ago

i know I will get killed like... a lot, but I do love the challenge. Guess im just a glutton for punishment when it comes to these MP games.

Orchard676d ago

Same... I know I'm going to get my ass handed to me as people start playing hardcore hours and learn the maps etc... but it's still fun!

sophia5421675d ago

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Magog676d ago

I can't remember the last f2p fps I tried. Maybe I'll pick this one up for a few rounds. Add to those player numbers. 😊

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anubusgold676d ago

Download the steam version the download speed is 3 times faster than xbox app.

Magog676d ago

I'll just stream it. 👍

Parasyte676d ago

Probably because there were fewer people downloading it at the same time you were. I would imagine the “slow” download speeds on consoles are because of the amount of people downloading it. I was getting up to 145mbps on my One X when I downloaded it.

anubusgold676d ago (Edited 676d ago )

@Parasyte No the xbox game pass app for pc is a joke it has so many problems some days it works somedays you cant even download any games without it freezing and crashing. And steam i hit 350Mb xbox game pass i only hit 28Mb lol.

alb1899676d ago

Downloading, what a week!!!

BenRC01675d ago

I know, forza, bf2042 and now this! Feel a sickie coming on

Jin_Sakai676d ago

Downloading now! Tech test was tons of fun.