Microsoft Announces Six-Part Documentary Series Power On: The Story of Xbox; Begins in December

Andrew writes: "A brand new six-part documentary called Power On: The Story of Xbox was also announced. Find out more about the upcoming series inside."

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darthv7268d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Many want to think the story of xbox is just RRoD and always online. Its nice to see they can own those instances and come through the other side.

Jin_Sakai68d ago

Can’t wait to watch this. Will be nice to see things from the inside.

ApocalypseShadow68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

They didn't OWN it. They got owned. Still came in third after launching first. It's revisionist history. They knowingly tried to sell an endemic problem to consumers. And the only reason they bowed to pressure was because they were going to get sued or possibly have a massive recall that would have ended any other console manufacturer's bid to stay in the industry. With their fans calling a 3 year warranty and a box, a great feature for the platform because half of them broke. And Microsoft swapped it out with refurbished systems that broke as well.

Always online still exists as Microsoft creates service games that are mostly multiplayer that connect to XBL so that they can profit. Not single player games like Sony does that don't require an online connection. And they created a rental service that requires XBL to play online when Sony doesn't charge for online to use PS Now.

Microsoft's digital push over physical and Blu-ray, and trying to be the "Netflix of games," means that their future IS in "always online" connected to services and the cloud just to play a game. For years, you couldn't even play F2P games without XBL until they got caught trying to raise the price of XBL to force gamers over to game pass.

And after today, you can look forward to monetization and NFTs.

NeoGamer23268d ago

You are making revisionist history. I had a few X360's. From my first RRoD to the 3rd one, MS replace my console quickly with no questions asked or run around. I was one the first with the problem. Did not see it in news until literally 5 months after my consoles were replaced.

Always on is a red herring issue. Always was, and always will be. All multi-player games require an online connection. By definition online gaming is believe it or not online. I really don't know what the big deal is for online, It is like a major show stopper for some people but I really don't get it. It costs these companies literally $100's of millions to run their online networks, and for some reason gamers figure it is somehow no cost to buy servers, build networks that support 10's and 100's of million of gamers, and pay for the power to run the stuff, and don't forget the 100's if not 1000's of staff to engineer and operate all that stuff. They ask for a measly $50 / year to keep that going and I see that as providing value. Even single player games require the network for things like achievements, and your profile and cloud saves.

Microsoft pushed HD DVD over blu-ray. Not digital over blu-ray. When they lost that war they went to digital. And ironically, there is absolutely nothing wrong with digital. Music has gone digital, movies are mostly digital now, and not so surprisingly games are now mostly digital.

You want Microsoft to be bad, so they are in your eyes. I am not saying MS are angels, but you are just plain factually wrong.