PS5 Sales Top 14 Million, Switch Tops 94 Million - Worldwide Hardware Estimates for Oct 31-Nov 6

The Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console with 478,964 units sold for the week ending November 6, according to VGChartz estimates. The Switch has now sold an estimated 94.18 million units lifetime.

The PlayStation 5 sold an estimated 318,061 units to bring its lifetime sales to 14.19 million units. The Xbox Series X|S sold 225,226 units to bring their lifetime sales to 8.65 million units.

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Magog62d ago

"The company has reportedly cut its previous production forecast of 16 million down to 15 million, putting its target of 14.8 million PS5 sales by March in jeopardy, if the report is accurate"

So much for this FUD from Bloomberg. They will blow well past 15 million by Christmas and have a huge slate of titles ready for the new year to push even more units. (Not that it wouldn't sell out instantly without them)

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septemberindecember62d ago

They are talking about the fiscal year, not total lifetime sales. 7.6M PS5s were sold in the 2020 FY (it launched partway through Q3). 14.8M is for the time period between March of 2021 and March of 2022.

Total they will be around 20-22M by March of 2022 depending on availability

septemberindecember62d ago

Sad that people disagree with facts. Go read the actual Bloomberg article and what Jim Ryan said

gravedigger62d ago

The Xbox Series X|S sold 225,226 units to bring their lifetime sales to 8.65 million units.

Same time-frame Xbone very close to 10 million shipped. Since back then

Xbone was still ahead of X360 ( till 2016 ). Let's say if, 10 million is shipped, around 1 million was on shelves surely, rest of Xbones sold-through.

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Orchard62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Shipments do not equal sales (at least not pre-pandemic).

XSX has been selling a lot faster than XB1:

"The Xbox Series X|S is currently ahead by 2.02 million units."
"The Xbox Series X|S has sold 8.43 million units in 12 months, while the Xbox One sold 6.40 million units."

gravedigger62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

I've linked official Xbone numbers, VGchartz are estimated ones. Also, i've said above :Xbone was still ahead of X360 ( till 2016 ). Let's say if, 10 million is shipped, around 1 million was on shelves surely, rest of Xbones sold-through.

XBS sales are very close to 1:1 ( sold-in = sold through and XSS is selling a bit slower than XSX ). According to VGchartz 8.65 mil., but Xbone was at 9 mil. in same time frame ( as mentioned above)

DJStotty62d ago


Here is a statement from your own article :-

"Microsoft is revealing today that it will "shortly" have shipped 10 million Xbox One consoles to retailers. The significant milestone comes exactly three months after Sony first revealed it had hit 10 million sales of its PlayStation 4 console worldwide. Microsoft’s sales figures count devices shipped to retailers, rather than sales directly to consumers."

It is common knowledge that the PS4 was outselling xbox one by a 2:1 margin, and Sony announced 10 million sold to consumers, 3 months before xbox's "shipped" figure.

Quote : "Since launch, the PS4 has shipped 13.5 million PlayStation 4’s. Microsoft hasn’t revealed exact Xbox One numbers since April when we heard that the tech giant had shipped 5 million Xbox One units. We do know it has shipped another 3.5 million Xbox One/Xbox 360 consoles after then (2.4 million this past quarter, and 1.1 million the quarter before). So we’re likely looking at a total of around 7 million Xbox Ones."

A 2:1 margin in the 1st 12 months, is around 6.5-7 million xbox one units sold through to customers in the first 12 months.

The statements are correct, the facts are there, the Series is currently outselling sold to customers by around 2 million units give or take, however if you go off the "shipped" figure, then it looks like it is behind, although bear in mind, xbox one's were sat on shelves for months, so expect over the next 12 months, even by using a 24 month "shipped" figure, the Series will still be ahead.

Orchard61d ago


"I've linked official Xbone numbers, VGchartz are estimated ones."

But you are comparing your 'official' numbers to VGChartz, so if VGChartz is unreliable and can't be trusted, you cannot use it for your comparison, therefore you have no idea if XSX outsold XB1 or vice-versa. Or is VGChartz only an applicable source when it supports your narrative?

You can't even begin to compare XSX to XB1. 2013 XB1 was a complete disaster with close to zero hype, and you could walk into any store and easily find it on the shelves - XSX on the other hand had hype and sells out in seconds.

Xbox Series is selling well and FH5 and Halo seem to be doing extremely well - no matter how much you try to downplay.

Wishing failure upon a company is just sad. As a PS5 gamer, I'm happy for Xbox and their players. They're getting good games thrown at them and I want Microsoft and Nintendo to do well - a strong, competitive industry is very important for consumers like you and I.

Zhipp62d ago

Why do you keep spamming this? You've been doing it here and on VgChartz and have been debunked multiple times. What's the point? Even if you were right, why is it so important to you that you find the need to post it in every sales article?

darthv7262d ago

Because digger is obsessed with seeing xb fail. He will be first to say "see i told you so" if it gets reported that the series is behind other xb platforms. So he will keep spamming this until it happens (which it likely wont). Like captain916 who constantly is saying GP is going up in price. Its been 3 years now and nothing but he keeps on saying it because in his heart he know it be true.

in all honesty, yes GP will go up in price at some point, but that kind of obsession is just unhealthy. And perhaps the series may dip below the xbo/360 but it really has nowhere to go but up. Neither of them can accept that things are better now across the board. When everyone plays, we all win.

DJStotty62d ago


That "10 million shipped" figure, is sold to retailers, not sold through to customers, the amount sold through to customers in the 12 months was around 6.5 million, i mean, i can grab the figures again for you, but you will most probably just duck, deny, and deflect anyway.

The fact is, the series is outselling xbox one, stated multiple times by Microsoft and the xbox team themselves, you just need to learn to live with it is all.

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darkrider62d ago

Being able to sell 300k in week seems a good news for the holidays. Maybe soon gamers can find one on shops.

Sayai jin62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

I only wish the vast majority of these consoles would have gone into the hands of legit console gamers, instead of scalpers.

SullysCigar62d ago

Do you really think over 7 million PS5s went to scalpers? Lmao

Sayai jin62d ago

I listed consoles, not the PS5. Why defensive over just that console?. Console warriors nevnever tire. Anyways, It is more than obvious that scalping is legal, has been around and will always be around. Scalping during this generation of consoles, PGU's has be unprecedented. So what I am stating is that that scalpers caused the vast majority of retail websites crashing, ordering fiascos, priced gouged devices, etc. I have been gaming for over 39 years and it has never been this difficult for people to get their hands on consoles. The pandemic plays a role, but the level of scalping is unseen.

Reading and comprehension is fundamental.

Teflon0262d ago

It's not reading comprehension problems. It's either your lack of ability to express your thoughts properly or you're backpedaling after baiting.

"I only wish the vast majority of these consoles would have gone into the hands of legit console gamers, instead of scalpers."
PS5 is what people are talking about whenever they say this dumb false statement. Meaning, if you're going to make that statement and mean something else. Convey it properly, instead you decided to attack their ability to comprehend. Next, the funny part of this whole thing you just did. You lack the ability to comprehend what you said. You said you wish the vast majority got consoles instead of the scalpers. The question they asked was legitimate and more reasonable than you're initial statement. They're asking if that means you think the majority was bought by scalpers? So... do you? Because I know for a fact that's bs. You're on socials and the internet where you can see what scalpers are doing. Not the actual buyers. They're selling and literally half the people on my list of the 50 people who come online daily are on ps5. Clearly the internet has blown these things outta proportion.

Also another reason you lack comprehension skills. There's nothing defensive about asking if you actually believe scalpers have a whole bunch of these consoles foreal lol

SullysCigar62d ago

Please don't deflect. PS5 or not, my point remains.

If you think the "vast majority" of ANY console went to scalpers, I'd love to hear your logic behind that belief.

Seems pretty unlikely to me, but I'm interested to hear you out.

TheDoomedGuy62d ago


The pandemic is the only reason we had the scalping problem to begin with.

The online only process due to the pandemic is what has prevented millions from getting it.

Making a nice long line beats online orders all the time.

Sayai jin62d ago

@Teflon02, yes comprehension is your issue, as you said I baited. Do enlighten how I baited. I just wish more gamers got their hands on consoles. That's it nothing more.
Also, you comment is linear. "PS5 is what people are talking about whenever they say this dumb false statement." What people? You know what they say about making assumptions, right/ That's a lesson one should acquire early in life. So along with the lack to comprehend a general statement about wanting consoles in the hands of more gamers, you assumed I was talking about PS5. It's illogical to me that you got baiting out of my comment. I don't play games, buck for any company or piece of plastic. I didn't do this when I was young either.
"You're on socials and the internet where you can see what scalpers are doing." Not really, I hear my children or see news on this site from time to time. I don't spend to much time on socials.
"They're asking if that means you think the majority was bought by scalpers? So... do you? ." Again, comprehension, as I aforementioned that my comment was just my way of saying I want more consoles in the hands of gamers.
"Not the actual buyers. They're selling and literally half the people on my list of the 50 people who come online daily are on ps5. " Do I need to explain what anecdotal is? Just ask, I will explain what it is and when and how it should be used properly.
Agreed. Online activities, have blown things out of proportion, but the biggest issue is the pandemic.
Lastly, people with console warrior mentality would take a comment stating the wanting for more gamers to have new consoles as anything other than that. There was no bait or other intended meaning to my comment.
You guys take these console wars to serious.

@SullysCigar, no, I am not deflecting as I said what my comment was intended to mean. More consoles in the hands of gamers and less to scalpers, no matter if it was a 50/50 ratio, 55,45 ratio, etc. I say that everytime I hear of the console shortage continuing. Say the same things about GPU's and the like. I have no sales data and stopped looking for consoles right after launch. As, I was able to preorder multiple PS5s, Series X's and Ss for myself, family and friends on day one for pre-order. Super lucky.

Speaking of deflection, you didn't answer why you went straight to the PS5. That's particularly odd, since the articles clearly lists multiple consoles. Again, why PS5. That's why I mentioned consoles. People buying stuff and attempting to make profit is nothing new and I can appreciate the hustle, but haven't witnessed it to this level. I do remember haring reports that the major hiccups on websites were caused by bots bogging down those respective sites.

In the end it seems like minded folks thought my comment was a dig at PS or something. That's a said state of affairs to see my comment for bait or what ever the narrative is.

TheDoomedGuy, I disagree. There has been scalping ever since the Atari 2600. It is just more visible do to the internet. More specifically, consoles and other popular products saw scalpers increase in droves in around 2006-ish to 2010-ish. I do agree that the pandemic was a major role in the increase of scalping. As you stated, stopped the ability for people to line up to buy in great number.

Sadly, no end any time soon as my mate that I brought a PS5 for told me he heard that Sony announced they were reducing the number of console manufactured by one million. I am pretty sure MS and Ninty will have to do the same, but hasn't been forthcoming like Sony.

darthv7262d ago

his use of the phrase "vast majority" is inaccurate. Had he said 10-20%... maybe. Which it is pretty well known just by looking at the different sites for 2nd hand stuff that there is a pretty sizable number of people scalping PS5 and Series X consoles. It is rather sickening they do that but the only thing you can do is not entertain such a route to get one. Scalpers have been fluctuating their prices on them as of late. Some are only having a $100 markup while others go for broke with nearly double the retail price.

And yeah there is someone who will eventually cave and get one that way but i really feel bad for their bank account. If their reasoning is they want one for their kid... teach that kid some humility and patience instead. But whenever someone mentions the scalping situation, there is no need to disagree into oblivion over the semantics. it is a very REAL situation and one that looks to remain prevalent well into the next year.

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derek62d ago

Vcharts should be banned from this site, they are just making numbers up at this point.

septemberindecember62d ago

For October it was announced that Switch sold 711k units in the US that month. That was what Nintendo themselves announced. Before VG Charts adjusted their numbers they had the Switch at around 712k.

Do you have any idea how close that is? VGChartz is a lot better in their estimates than you're trying to make them out to be. I mean, that's literally within like .1%. sure, it's not 100%, but 99.9% is pretty freaking close.

DJStotty62d ago

I agree, the PS5 numbers are well wrong /s

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