Outriders New Horizon Primer and Dev Q&A - 'We Don't Regret Not Doing GaaS'

The free Outriders New Horizon update is coming tomorrow, and Wccftech posted plenty of gameplay footage alongside a Q&A with the developers.

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Magog64d ago

So you didn't learn your lesson and you're proud of it? Ship a well crafted COMPLETE game and the sales will come easy. GaaS games are tiring and blatantly seek to bleed their audience for every penny.

Alexious64d ago

What did they have to learn? They're not GaaS and they stand by it. But that also meant very little content until now.

Magog64d ago

The double negative confused me. I read it as "we don't regret doing GaaS." why would they even make the opposite statement? "We don't regret not doing the thing we didn't do." Lol

jznrpg64d ago

They should have been focused on making a good game first not that they weren’t making a GAAS . The demo was so janky I didn’t even finish it

Ethereal64d ago

The demo unfortunately put me off too. I had high hopes and maybe it will get there some day.

Spenok62d ago

It's gotten a lot of updates since launch, and yesterday's content update was a VERY welcome addition.

It's definitely worth the $20 you can find it for now. Although I'd even say it's worth the current full price ($40). And with the full expansion coming next year? Yeah, definitely worth your time.