Nintendo heading to Durban this weekend

If you haven't yet done so, head down to Gateway in Durban to check out Nintendo Week. The Nintendo Team have been in Durban since Tuesday and the good news is that the show will run until Sunday the 14th of December.

The Nintendo stand is located just below the cinemas at Gateway, if you somehow miss the hub of Wii and DS activity then look for the gigantic Christmas tree and you will be there.

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sinncross3597d ago

Was there, nothing special.

At the same event, they're showing off IMacs' an other accessories. Some kids were playing the Nintendo's but the adults were looking at the Apple products.

I dunno bout this weekend but too many ppl are Christmas shopping and this event can only be seen if ppl were to leave the ground floor and level one of shops, and head up to the fast food court or cinema.