Xbox's big nostalgia moment is still to come

The first console made it all possible, but it's the 360 that established Xbox as a credible platform with gamers.

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Magog65d ago

The PS3 using the cell processor opened the door for Xbox to swoop in and take a very close third place. A novel and brave choice by Sony but in the end a mistake.


I thought the OG Xbox’s Live offerings, when paired with Halo 2, made Xbox the place to be a gamer. If anything, the 360’s reliance on Cliffy B and 343 Studios showed me that the Xbone would not have any decent exclusives.

darthv7265d ago

What are you going on about?


I thought OG Xbox was more indicative of the Xbox brand’s promise than the X360. The former’s Live service made it better for many than the best selling console in history, the latter was the platform where the brand first started to decline (started very strong, ended very weak).

darthv7265d ago (Edited 65d ago )

hopefully in today's 20th anniversary event there is more 360 and og xb games support coming. I'd love to see some 4k enhancements and fps boost added to some more games. 360 is a great transitional system that helped usher in the HD era of gaming much like the Genesis did for the 16bit era in gaming.