'Tis The Season For Online Gaming...Or Is It?


"Exactly a year ago I wrote about the problems with online gaming over Xbox Live and I want to revisit that topic to ask if anything has changed in that time. With suggestions that Microsoft is set to try and end a lot of the abuse on Live, probably this coming year, it is a good time to ask the online gamers out there what they think.

We have a poll for you to voice your opinion after my article's 'reprise', and feel free to comment in the comment box. Is Live any better than it was a year ago with regards to abuse? Have you learned to avoid the abuse over Live, for example by playing only with those on your friends-list? Is Live fine the way it is and those who don't like it are too thin-skinned? Do you think real-time censoring software applied to Live will help? Is there somewhere else that Live needs to improve?"


For those Sony and Nintendo players who are concerned that the article doesn't seem to relate to PS3 or the article:

"And for those Sony PS3 and Nintendo Wii players among you who are here (thanks for visiting) who have played online, let us know if the arguments in the article also ring true to you in the comments section (without flaming please)."

It also discusses one reason why the Wii is so popular for multiplayer:

"This is where the making in-roads; it caters to casual gamers who like to play together with its simple accessibility, short mini-games, and local multiplayer games."

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Godem3598d ago

has online gaming changed much? Yeah its gotten worse, now every game has matchmaking which SUCKS!

Immortal Kaim3598d ago

agreed, Xbox Live users outside the US are seen as second rate users, matchmaking is a flawed system without the option to look for 'Local matches'.

Acj23233598d ago

yeah i totally agree matchmaking really ticks me off, thats why people who used to love gears of war and got gears 2 they now go back to gears one because they DONT WANT matchmaking.

now COD 5 has some good features of finding games with local searches only THAT'S WHAT WE NEED!

gaminoz3598d ago

I don't think the racist, sexist, whatever abuse will be less or stop until the Microsoft real-time censor is implemented.

But will it work or will normal words be bleeped out? Like on if we write a game is on sale at the retail store D*** Smith, it bleeps out the D*** part.

So does this site it seems...

Godem3598d ago

yeah, as good as it would be to mute all the 10 - 12 year olds.. I do enjoy sometimes the swearing guys. Ie, you sneak up behind them, and you hear a 'ohh F*&%' as you shootem down with the shotgun.

darkmurder3597d ago

I don't think online gaming has gotten worse, they've just forgotten about the other countries besides the US and optimized it for them, thereforth making it crap for us outside the US.

LokMessier3597d ago

It seems like every other country that is not U.S. related always [or rather most of the time] it is usually neglected. See if they would stop forgetting about other countries, sales would soar, but alas I guess at least one should just be happy that they are at least getting online seeing as the online aspect won't change much :/

gaminoz3597d ago

The problem is our markets aren't as big or as profitable. And our markets (at least here in OZ) have crappier internet infrastructure.

Immortal Kaim3597d ago

I realise our market is tiny, the thing is, I don't care about getting servers here, I know that won't happen. All I ask is that the SDK's all incorporate a 'local search' option (like COD WaW), I don't see how that is hard.

Honestly, I don't think I will be renewing my Gold Membership once it runs out, thats how bad Live is outside America.

XboxOZ3603597d ago

Yes, quiet true, our market here in Australia is exceptionally small in relation the many other countries. We may have a "huge" geographical claim on the globe as a whole, but our population is small - 22-23 million. And of that, a small % are actual gamers, making the market for sale exceptionally small by any standards.

It's fine to say we have the highest gamers per-capita, but when that equate to less than 1% of the global market, in has no real effect on what publishers choose to do or how manafacturers move their products outside their own native regions, such as the US etc.

We have recently seen a few major electrical companies move out of Australia, and there are 2 more planned to leave completely in 2009 (info from major retailer) withdrawing their products from the local market. And these are two MAJOR suppliers.

Even HP are in the process f moving offshore here in Australia, as their entire HP range in Australia/NZ only accounts for 1.5 - 2.0% i=of HP's global market. WHich has huge knock-on affects within the local market.

So you can see why many majors don't venture into countries where there is a small market share. It simply doesn't pay, even IF every person bought their product twice over, the % of the market share is still really small.

Simmo443597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Yep agreed Kaim. The option of having local search in games would make Xbox Live a better experience for all. I don't know If I'll renew my gold account either, seeing as my most anticipated game of the year (Gears 2) is unplayable most of the time.

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Mr PS33597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Well the Picture Next to the Headline says it All !! Not on Xbox Live it Aint !!
Xbox Live Sucks

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