Battlefield 2042's opening weekend has been a disaster

Hard crashes, server issues and persistent problems plague the early launch.

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aaronaton675d ago

If you think it's bad now, wait until Friday....

0hMyGandhi674d ago

I don't get it. The reviews seem to be pretty good...
Like, EGM gave it a 100 friggin percent.

Abear21674d ago

Playing in a controlled environment on the best servers

--Onilink--674d ago

Surprisingly its IGN that refused to provide a score because of how little time the review event provided to actually look properly at all the modes.

Ninver675d ago (Edited 675d ago )

These devs just love failing so much.

GameZenith675d ago

GTA: DE opening weekend was a disaster.

But no major media would ever cross Rockstar.

roadkillers675d ago

I really don't think they need to, it's getting hammered by the most important people: The Fans

DOMination-675d ago

I don't know why, its not like Rockstar will ever do promos with websites or send free stuff so there's nothing to lose.

PapaBop675d ago

I've seen a fair bit of articles on things like review bombing. Besides, this is about EA and F**k EA.

OneLove674d ago

Means they came a long way. I remember when gta had so much controversy back then.

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Yi-Long675d ago

I really wish Battlefield games would just focus on being Battlefield games

BenRC01675d ago

When it works it's a great bf experience, but on my sx I've had complete system shutdowns, screen freezes, controller freezes, animation locks, you name it.
But like I say, when it goes right it's brilliant fun playing breakthrough. Conquest is just a messy free for all.
Gonna need a hell of a lot of patching

Gaming4Life1981675d ago (Edited 675d ago )

Dice needs to make dedicated rooms for team deathmatch and squad deathmatch like they have for conquest and rush. I tried to browse custom rooms and join one but the game always just takes me back to the main menu. I can always play rush or conquest with no problem which is great fun.

ChubbyBlade675d ago

I’d hardly call a hero shooter a bf experience. It feels like cod warzone with vehicles and apex characters.

There’s a skin with long frizzy hair and stud belts snd another with some dumb butcher coat looking thing.

Nothing about it even looks like a battlefield. It looks like a bunch of cosplayers.

rzac675d ago

Thats odd I haven't had any of those issues with mine. I mean some bugs here and there but no crashes and a couple errors joining games here and there.

UltraNova674d ago


It only gets worse considering this is not a free to play game like warzone. The gold edition here costs 100 euros. ONE HUNDRED EUROS for a broken BF game with no campaign, that has lost it's identity.

EA/DICE really loves losing.

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anubusgold675d ago (Edited 675d ago )

I been playing it I've had fun on pc i have seen a few bugs like my scope disappearing and when i zoom in and my gun aims to the right for some reason when i try to quick scope. But over all on my PC with a 3070 with HDR on at 1440P my game runs ,feels, and looks great.

slate91675d ago

Same. Running a 3070 1440p.
Had a couple server issues Friday night, to be expected. But its been smooth for me. Especially considering bf4's disastrous launch