LittleBigPlanet sells more than 1 million

The PlayStation 3 exclusive game LittleBigPlanet has just sold more than 1 million copies. The game is one of the best PS3 games (if you look at the review marks). Click on the link for more info.

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Kush_Reaper3599d ago

The trend of ps exclusives continue. Sony's games sell well over time because there is just too much veriaty. If we had only a mindless shooter to brag about ofcourse it would sell more than what it's worth.


Bon Scott3599d ago

too funny how the droids in here said it would sell millions right out the door.


poos33599d ago

hahahaha took quite a long time to hit 1 million sold even army of two hit 1 million faster./lol

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3598d ago

1.9 Million!!! So far!!! ;-D
Er sack-boy told me!!!;)
It's more than 1 Million, i'm sure. It's SOOOOOOOOO much FUN with a few Friends or with someone on-line;) It will sell Loads more this xMas and into next year;)

+ 'Gears of War 2' should of sold 20 Million 1st week!!! ;-D It didn't!!! 'FLOP FLOP FLOP OF WAR 2' ;)
Well it sold 3 Million(Hmm)and the other 17 Million downloaded it illegally!!! POOR M$ ;-D

earwax3598d ago

Hahhahahahahahahaha what a turd! It took over a month to sell 1 million "world wide" as the Sont douche force likes to spin? NOT even in the NPD top ten ,SPIN THAT!!!! 1. Gears of War 2 - Xbox 360 - 1.56 million
2. Call of Duty: World at War - Xbox 360 - 1.41 million
3. Wii Play w/ remote - Wii - 796K
4. Wii Fit - Wii - 697K
5. Mario Kart - Wii - 637K
6. Call of Duty: World at War - PS3 - 597K
7. Guitar Hero: World Tour - Wii - 475K
8. Left 4 Dead - Xbox 360 - 410K
9. Resistance 2 - PS3 - 385K
10. Wii Music - Wii - 297K

There are your NPD numbers a-holes!!!

ravinshield3598d ago

8. Left 4 Dead - Xbox 360 - 410K
9. Resistance 2 - PS3 - 385K


Yea we hyped an awesome games that sells well from the looks of it, sorry most Ps3 owners have jobs and have to save money and pay whatever bills they need to and wait, not like most 15 year old Xbox users begging mommy and daddy for gears of war and halo, you would understand that if you had a job and had to pay things. yea not everybody is gonna run out like xbox fans did with their parents to by them gears of war, spoiled brats

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The gaming GOD3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

And ps3 owners don't buy games and all the other ect stereotypes.

The bad part about that is, those are vgchart numbers. And they ALWAYS undertrack PS3 sales. So they more than likely got past 1 million two weeks before they even posted their "estimates"

Edge Maverick3599d ago

I mean seriously, it totally got owned by Mass Effect in November 2007 sales and...

....oh look, it's within a few thousand of topping Mass Effect in lifetime sales. OOPS! I guess games that spread by word of mouth and have legs actually DO sell over the long run. Anyone see a price drop for Uncharted? No such luck yet in Canada. LBP is at a million now. I'm saying at least 2.5 million lifetime. That seems to be how Sony works these days without massive advertising.

Nathan Drake3599d ago

Must be the 360 version of LBP that sold a million copies

SonySoldiers3599d ago

Some random people just wanted to bring the LBP discussion back up.

Danja3599d ago

PS3 games aren't suppose to sell over a million it's just a Blu Ray player *sarcasm*..

I bet the new thing for 2009 will be..

If a game doesn't sell 2 million day one , with a 95 metacritic average it's not AAA , total flop..XD

fishd3599d ago

Beyaond good and evil
Just to name a few, are some of the best games I have ever played and their sale was Disaster(except for Sotc,it sold more than a million,but for a game being for 4 years in development it is still bad)

jaysquared3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

LOL! and Sony sure did outsell the 360!! ohh wait..

Also I would like to see confirmation from Sony or Media Molecule about those sales figures because I wonder how they got Europes number. Europe doesn't have NPD or anything like that.

Danja3599d ago

if you guys think Sony is gonna allow LBP to fade away silently..then NO..

Expect a LBP planet Bundle....with the price cut next spring.^.^

robotnik3599d ago Show
The Killer3599d ago

and it didt even pass a million.
as long as the game sell around 500K and above then it will cover the development costs if it wasnt an expansive game, 1 million sellers r successful and can give the team more money and more motivation to make a sequel and if its more than 2 then there will be definitely another sequel

fishd3599d ago

Actually Sotc is BEST GAME EVAR,for me atleast:),And it did sell a million copy,I am sure of it,ICO sold 650k,though

jaysquared3599d ago

360 is a superior GAMING console compared to PS3. XBL is greater than PSN. But the PS3 is a great blu ray player...

On topic- Spin it all you want PS3 fans but this game did not sell one single PS3. Everyone of you said that this was going to be a console seller along with Resistance 2. We can not say they are not console sellers because the PS3 sold less than last years November NPD!

Sez 3598d ago

funny that their source is vg chartz and not sony or MM. so are we to start believing vg chartz now. or is this a special case where we would except these numbers because it's LBP or a sony exclusive. i just want to make sure i understanding the hipocrisy thats going on in here.

solidt123598d ago

You are correct. They passed 1 million over a week ago.

FreestyleBarnacle3598d ago

Sorry, my friend bought a PS3 to get this game. Until now he swore blind he wouldn't get all three consoles again.

ultimolu3598d ago

No, there's just idiots who thought the game would just stop selling. -__-

This game will continue to sell because a) It's an amazing game, and b) People are probably waiting around Christmas to buy it.

Matter of fact, I feel like playing it now. :D

prowiew3598d ago

LBP would be a million seller per month if it was on the wii. But, being a semi casual game for a system at $400, never in a lifetime would be a system seller. Personally I dont like the game but I can understand people liking it. Ive played it two times only. But really I dont know if I dont like the game or is it that games like fallout, fable, gears, prince of persia, are consuming my gaming time.
PS: Has anyone know if any website post the software list (npd) past the top 10? I hate that only you see the top 10. I want 11 to 20. Im sure LBP got to be somewhere in there.

acedoh3598d ago

Think a game has to sell a million in it's first week. The PSone and PS2 have both proven that SONY games rely on word of mouth. Very few have had big openings. Most games gain momentum over their lifetime and rack up amazing numbers. SONY knows that instead of building up a hype train and spending millions upon millions advertising they will let the game speak for itself. Nintendo does the same thing and I don't think it has ever hurt them...

Microsoft has proven that most of their high profile games have big openings but quickly ride off into the sunset as sales quickly take a dive. Although some didn't like the movie Titanic it is the perfect example of SONY games that gain momentum as time passes...

Doppy3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

It did sell a million copies a while back, VGchartz didn't update any of their game sells until current R2 had it's day 1 sells up for 3 weeks, I don't know if they've changed it or not.


They finally updated R2 to Nov. 16 @ .68 mil. There only about 3 weeks off, but it couldn't have sold that well in only 3 weeks could it. I mean it's only one of if not the best FPS this year, and one of the biggest games for the PS3 this year, so no it could have sold those last 3 weeks. :)

BrianC62343598d ago

I have to laugh at people who put down PS3 sales numbers. I see people do it all the time. Uncharted didn't get off to a great start but gradually picked up. I guess since Halo and Gears of War sell huge numbers the first week some people think PS3 games have to do it too.

funkysolo3598d ago

Hey is M$ hiring? I want a job like yours, I mean you must be getting paid by M$ to be worring about sales number. I guess you only played AAA games that sell 3 million copies right. If you don't have a PS3 what do you care about LBP and R2 sales numbers? I guess that's the new idiot thing of this generation....I can't play lbp and r2 so let's talk bad about them WOW. What has gaming come to, for people to act like this nextgeneration douchebags

Gun_Senshi3598d ago

Thats why WiiPlay is the BEST GAME EVER MADE

Bubble Buddy3598d ago

Oh man did I miss a lot? Now 1mil + sales count as flops too? What's next? Not being on 360 is a flop?

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Nathan Drake3599d ago

You're fooling yourself if you think it won't have the legs to cross the said mark

Simon_Brezhnev3599d ago

i agree little big planet is one of those games u can play anytime and be good at it unlike fps i will probably get the game when it becomes a greatest hits i think it will sell 3 million plus in lifetime sales

claney3598d ago

SOCOM, Reistance 2, LBP all come out around the same time so those games arnt all going to sell awesome cause not everyone can buy all those, luckly they delyed Killzone 2 or else who knows what the sales would have been like with 4 games competing for your money lol, anyways all those games are friggen awesome (i dont give a sh!t if you hate socom, i love it!)

BrianC62343598d ago

"luckly they delyed Killzone 2"

That was the smartest thing Sony did. We've waited this long. We can wait another two or three months. It's foolish for these companies to keep releasing everything at Christmas. If you have a smaller game you should wait until late January or February to March. That's a much better time now to release games. I buy games all year. I think most gamers do now.

Simon_Brezhnev3599d ago

lol so 360 fanboys is this still a flop?

butbutbuttehcell3599d ago

Not a flop but has underperformed. PS3 owners said systems woud fly off the shelves upon release, but the game hasn't really flown off the shelves itself...Looks like a quality game, but somehow hasn't got the sales it should have. I think the sales could increase a lot more over time than your average games because the best level creators are surely gonna come up with some immense levels which make a purchase more attractive.

ultimolu3598d ago

Please give me the names of the people who said that directly or you can stop talking right now.

It's a new IP and it was delayed. How do you know people aren't waiting around Christmas to get this?

Obviously 'long-term' flew pass your brains didn't it?

360 fans at it again with the multiple accounts. Why am I not surprised.

evrfighter3598d ago

whoa there. Even I have seen the claims of LBP being the new mario. It was hailed the next big thing since sliced bread. But there's no way I'm gonna start digging through old articles and start looking for names for something as petty as a fanboy argument.

instead im just going to go outside and have a smoke.

no-spin3598d ago

I just saw in the attach ratio is 8.1 games per console for the X360
I mean, i like my PS3 better as a console, but the x360 gaming is catching on fire!!!!

But anyway, LBP will have a long and successful life cycle, no doubt

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LarVanian3599d ago

Flop! Confirmed!
Lol seriously this whole retarded flop and AAA crap needs to die.