UK Call of Duty launch sales down 40% year-on-year

GSD data shows that Call of Duty: Vanguard struggled at digital and physical retail.

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jbrock1165d ago

Everybody hated Cold War so that's probably why the sales are low. Sad, cause the game is actually pretty good.

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TheColbertinator65d ago

Even the Cold War fandom is avoiding Vanguard. Most COD players are much more interested in the next Modern Warfare

staticall64d ago

You're joking, right? This is a bottom of the barrel at this point (even for COD).

Campaign freaking sucks, a bunch of useless dumb no-names (because some diversity hire said that COD (sic!) doesn't have memorable characters); another «super secret squad», that's trying to stop nazis from executing operation phoenix. Know what that means? No one does, you gotta wait for the sequel, i guess. Missions are boring, no improvements or innovations, no interesting mechanics, no cool movement options or plot, just all the stuff you saw 16 (!!!) times already (counting from MW4 original release).
Multiplayer is broken and not fun (spawns are literal shit, you can spawn near enemies; no new interesting modes; TTK is as low as it ever was). They freaking sell you masterwork weapons for preorder, this is just beyond bad. And as a selling point, they sell you XP booster packs in Ultimate edition and battle pass. In $70 game.
Zombies are so barebones, that it's insulting (just 3 mini-mission types! No easter eggs, no nothing, they didn't even animated dialogues).

People who are buying this shit (sorry, i can't call this any other name, "mess" sounds like a compliment at this point) are the problem. They're to blame why this obsurd monetization and barebone games that miss essential features, are keep getting released.

jbrock1164d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Well I'm talking from the perspective of a competitive FPS player. If you're a casual, maybe the game isn't for you. But from a competitive standpoint, it's the best CoD multiplayer in years. It still has a few balancing issues with some of the weapons but that's normal for a CoD launch. Once that is all figured out, this game will thrive. Warzone has pretty much destroyed the interest in traditional CoD multiplayer and CDL but I legit think this game has a chance to bring it back. And maybe while this game didn't sell that great at release, I think it'll have legs in the long run because of the word of mouth of people that are actually playing it. Streamers and CDL pros have a lot of influence, and I've not seen one of them say that this one is bad, actually it's the opposite. All of them are raving about how much improved the game is over Cold War.

yeahokwhatever64d ago

on the other hand, i love the MP in this version. I finished the campaign last night, it was fun, but really dumb and painfully shallow, like a marvel movie.

purple10165d ago

Next headlines…:

"battlefield sales up 40% compared to last release"


I have played both, and not a fan of either at the moment. I was banking on BF but it feels like a very barebones product. Not sure why they had to delay their release date with the content they delivered. Vanguard feels bare as well, partly because we’re back in the stone age with WWII again.

TheLigX65d ago

I doubt it. That game isn’t looking great either.

seanpitt2364d ago

Yeah it’s the worse battlefield I have played.. there is no soul or atmosphere like previous games and it’s not satisfying to play.. I won’t be buying it I might get it later down the line only because of portal the only good thing about it..

yeahokwhatever64d ago

I bought it and its bad. i was super excited for the old updated maps, only to realize that the current generation of gamers are too mentally inept to figure out how to play cohesively and strategize. the new maps/game is the worst part about the new game. Its just a big buggy mess.

yeahokwhatever64d ago

BF2042 is a disgrace to the series. its a buggy mess the likes of which i havent seen since BF4 was unplayable for 4 months.

sourOG65d ago

I usually buy it because it’s the only game ALL of my friends play. I think they all moved to war zone though (which I still haven’t tried). I skipped this one and will continue to skip until they fix their f***ing file sizes. I refuse to comply with such shit practices anymore.

Lightning7765d ago

This game doesn't do anything new and some how does it worse. It's clear the Modern Warfare 2 is what everyone is waiting for.

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