Nintendo have a problem, and it's becoming absurd

Dan Rizzo says "Title’s are showing the hardware’s age, as newer games fail to run on the hybrid unit. Third parties have done their best in queuing up hamstrung versions of their games to appease a niche audience, and quietly release these watered down versions as if they sit equal with their PlayStation, XBOX and PC counterparts."

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Magog63d ago

They supported the original Gameboy for like 20 years and the Switch is still selling huge numbers. Nintendo arent going to shape their hardware to fit games they expect games to be made to fit their hardware.

DashGamer62d ago

And that's a problem if they continue to license third parties.

Magog62d ago

From the outside, sure. But as far as Nintendo is concerned the problem is that of third party devs to design their games for their hardware not for them to design hardware to please third party devs.

v_eno_m62d ago

@DashGamer - "And that's a problem if they continue to license third parties."

Unfortunately, not Nintendo's problem.

Nintendo will always beat to their own drum and if third parties want Nintendo's player base, then they'll have to comply to the limitations nintendo has created. =\

_SilverHawk_62d ago

Nintendo has had problems for decades and if you're just realizing it then you probably haven't been paying attention or don't know their history. Nintendo is a rubbish gaming company full stop

thorstein62d ago

It's hysterical that anyone tries to claim that Nintendo doesn't know what they're doing because of "problems" invented by "journos" and comments sections.

Nintendo has been around for over 100 years. They will be around for well over 100 more.

Seraphim62d ago

@thorstein - that doesn't mean there's not real hardware limitations that are impacting games on the Switch. Whether you want to admit that or not is up to you but it's a simple fact the Switch does suffer from hardware limitations.

Monster Hunter Stories 2, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Xeno, there are so many good-great games that suffer on the Switch hardware. Are they still playable, sure, but they leave A LOT to be desired.

DashGamer62d ago

@Seraphim - plus SMTV, a third party ATLUS exclusive that runs terribly.

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ABizzel162d ago

I don't blame the Switch at all. For a 2017 gaming handheld the hardware was acceptable. In 2021 the asking price of $299 / $349 is ridiculous and pure greed, but this is just post Wii Nintendo doing what they do best, produce it as cheap as possible and sell it for as much as possible, busting fans heads because they'll buy it because it plays Nintendo.

However, I don't think hardware is the direct issue for these fans. The issue at its core is, there are adult fans (myself included) that want/wanted Nintendo franchises to grow with them, because they've had experiences from other games and other platforms that show the potential of what some of their favorite classic Nintendo franchises could be.

The issue is this isn't solely a hardware problem. With better hardware sure they could make bigger, better looking, and potentially better games. However, this is more of an ideology of adult fans vs Nintendo's business. These gamers want Nintendo's IPs to mature (as in their stories / world building / etc...), but Nintendo wants their IP's to be simply be fun, familiar, friendly, and accessible for everyone from a 5 year old to an 80 year old and that's the issue. These fans (again myself included) want Zelda to keep its core and what makes it amazing, but to learn from The Witcher / God of War 2018 / even Skyrim and build an actual engaging story, an epic adventure, and a world filled with towns / quest / etc... But that's not what Nintendo does, that's PlayStation and 3rd parties.

The best thing these adults fans can do is to give up that thought process of wanting Nintendo to evolve (it's not going to happen at the speed you want) stick to their primary gaming platforms, and buy the Nintendo console(s) at the end of their lifecycle or emulate them while preferably still supporting the developer by buying a copy of the game.

Magog62d ago

I don't often quote the Bible but

"When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things."

Zhipp62d ago

As an adult Nintendo fan myself I have to pretty vehemently disagree with wanting GOW type narratives in my Nintendo games. As amazing as those types of stories can be, they often come at the expense of fun, which is exactly something I never want to see from Nintendo. I would like to see more new and bigger concepts, but leave the Sony style games to the ones who do it best, I say. That audience doesn't come close to representing all adult gamers, and not every company needs to appeal to them.

Automatic7962d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Nintendo can acquire 4- 5 indie developers that create mature games and start to offer at least 2 mature games annually along with there Nintendo IP's. Heck they can continue to get 3rd party deals with Team Ninja, Bandai Namco, Platinum Games and Capcom to remedy and deliver more mature games.

The GameCube era was proof of it.

DashGamer62d ago

It's fine to cater toward a younger demographic, but they have to realise they carry come clout and would benefit from becoming a primary player within the market instead of essentially leaving it to Sony.

Dirtnapstor61d ago

Bottom line, Nintendo does not need to accelerate their hardware liken to Sony & MS because the games they push don't require it. It's a deliberate "step down" because of their primary target audience. For the genres offered, you've got to admit, the games look great.
I do not want a Zelda game ever looking like The Witcher... yes, it would look amazing, but it completely negates the elementary charm Nintendo designs to offer. Not everything has to be serious in tone.

THEDON82z161d ago

That is so true, my last nintendo console was N64. I would easily buy another nintendo if they did a full modern next gen 3d version of metroid,zelda and fzero. Those games alone had so many memories. When ps2 came out i just felt like nintendo was not growing with me anymore. I dropped them and moved on and the sad truth is i never had a urge to go back.

ABizzel161d ago (Edited 61d ago )


I don't think they need a GOW type narrative, however, BoTW was one of the weakest narratives in Zelda by far. IMO the narrative of Nintendo first party games has not grown since the N64/GC era, and in many cases some of them have gotten worse. My point is there is a lot of room for growth in the area of storytelling. They don't need to make Epics, like God of War, but they could definitely make huge leaps in their current stories.


I don't think anyone wants Zelda to look graphically like the Witcher (as in a sense of realism). I think for Nintendo games artstyle should always be prioritized over realism. However, games like Zelda could graphically look like the lie they sold us for the Wii U.

This is the level of graphics quality Nintendo should reach for if they decide to do a home console.

Mario UE4

The Pixar / CGI artstyle works for them, and they should stick to it.

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MasterChief362462d ago

The Game Boy was a different era. They were the dominant force in the handheld space, a space that didn't have much competition anyways. They didn't have to worry about making games that were more technically-demanding because the vast majority of handheld players were oblivious to the other products. Yes you had the Game Gear, which was technically very much superior in every way, but the amount of batteries it took, its game library, and its bulk were harbingers of its failure to break through the market in a way that would give Nintendo that competition.

Nowadays, handhelds don't dominate like they used to. Yes we have the Switch Lite (and the Switch's portable mode), but it's first and foremost meant to be a home console. In the face of the Xbox Series X and PS5, the Switch is showing its age a lot. Nintendo beats to their drum, and they have always been more about gameplay and console efficiency than being the best graphics in town. But that approach is not working as well right now when 3rd party publishers are releasing so much stuff on the Switch that is so clearly watered-down from their other counterparts. People have comparisons now for what these games can look like on a console that's even slightly more powerful.

When Nintendo is releasing mostly their own stuff on the console and 3rd party publishers aren't as keen on releasing stuff on it, it's a better situation, because again there're not as many comparisons to make. The Switch has been such a massive success that they have more 3rd party support than probably ever before.

Times have changed, and Nintendo needs to change along with them if they want to remain competitive. They have so many great IPs to fall back on, but they can't do that forever.

Also the fact that publishers are now lazily throwing together cloud-based ports is so frustrating. Random thought I had.

Magog62d ago

Switch is first and foremost a successor to the DS. It's a handheld that has the ability to connect to a TV. Nintendo has always preferred their handhelds because the development is cheaper and easier. They aren't interested in bleeding edge graphics at all. One look at any of their first party games or character designs and that is absurdly obvious.

Godmars29062d ago

They didn't have much competition because no contender, largely Sony, was consistent with output. Thought of handhelds as supplementary to consoles rather than their own thing.

The PSV was literally suppose to be a companion system to the PS3. Be a rear view mirror in GT - of course with that kind of mindset it was going to fail!

Times may have changed, but Nintendo doesn't have to in order to compete with the PS5 or Series X since neither have yet to utilize their full potential. And by the time things get to a point they are while thing par to Breath of the Wild and Metroid Dread are offered, the PS6 - whatever MS's next box is - will be the only thing talked about by the "power" crowd.

DashGamer62d ago

Precisely. Nintendo refuse to adapt, and while they sit on billions it won't progress them for another ten decades. They just fired 100+ employees and shut down two studios citing "budgetary limits". 11bn? Budget cuts? C'mon now.

Pyrofire9562d ago

Nintendo has been coming off as incredibly self centered and self serving for the past decade.
Forcing people to just meet them on their level is just arrogant.

lucian22962d ago

Even their own games are suffering from it. Botw is severely old looking and has lag.

n1kki661d ago

Congratulations, you successfully summarized the problem.

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Sciurus_vulgaris62d ago

We have had dozens of articles like this one stating the same thing over-and-over again. The Switch was never intended to have powerful hardware. The system is designed to run titles made by Nintendo first and foremost. Look at the system’s sales, they are incredibly high despite the Switch not being able to run modern demanding games well [or at all].

ArmorOfGod62d ago

I'm with you. This article immediately discredits itself by saying the Switch audience is "incredibly niche". LOL.

FinalFantasyFanatic61d ago

The Switch sells on it's exclusives, you can say the same for the other consoles, hence why the PS4/5 also does well. And you have to admit that Nintendo does have a pretty strong library of titles to ensure that it's consoles do sell well (or at least, most of them have sold well).

People also forget that the Switch does double duty as a handheld device as well which constrains what hardware they can pack in. Sure, make it a powerhouse, but then you have a Gamegear situation where you need a much bigger battery and a bigger handheld, otherwise it'll just devour the battery life.

Personally, I think they should have done a Switch Pro without the ability to go handheld and increased it's performance 1.5 times so that they can do 1440p/4k graphics at 60fps (they wouldn't need very beastly hardware to get Nintendo games to that point). Although I don't mind if the Switch lasts another 2 or 3 years before releasing a successor as there are still games I want to buy for it (and those games don't get good discounts very often).

There's some practices of Nintendo's that I do not like, but they have a dedicated fanbase that will buy almost anything they can put out and defend them regardless.

giveyerheadawobble62d ago

The Switch has been out 4 years, and it'll be 5 annual years when it turns 2022 in a little over a month. That's a full generation cycle. What do people expect? This thing has exceeded expectations given what it is and that it was up against the likes of the PS4 and X1, and knowing Nintendo, they'll find a way to stretch its life span until they announce its successor. Got a problem? Most big tech companies wish they'd the same problem.

Magog62d ago

Their next console you can bet will also be an underpowered mobile hybrid. Nintendo doesn't expect you to play all of the bleeding edge third party games on Switch so I don't know why it's fans expect that. It's meant to be a supplement to a true console or PC not a replacement.

giveyerheadawobble62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Exactly it, but the clueless plebs on this website (as you can already see) disagree. Nintendo has always been awkward when it come to 3rd parties, and this stretches all the way back to the SNES era, and especially the N64 era, but for different reasons. It wasn't until Nintendo changed their entire strategy with the Wii that they became more about catering to their own vision of what hardware meant that these so called "issues" came about for them. It's absolutely nothing new, but for some reason, the Switch is somehow in trouble because...why? It's underpowered? Shock horror. It's like these people have learned nothing about how Nintendo have been doing things for almost two decades. Clown shoes journalism as usual, and muppets agreeing with it on here.

Oh, and it's also worth carving out this little gem of a nugget in the opening paragraph in the statement above:

"hamstrung versions of their games to appease a niche audience"

89 million Switches sold to date. Niche audience. As I said: clown shoes.

Yui_Suzumiya62d ago

But I own a Switch just to play graphically intensive third party games and visual novels in handheld mode. It's heaven on earth. I even spent $400 just for the OLED tablet and joycons (no dock or AC adapter).

FinalFantasyFanatic61d ago

I'm honestly happy with it, I wouldn't mind it lasting another 2 or 3 years as long as they supply exclusive games for it (I'm buying third-party games on PC where I can because of Nintendo's pricing).

Hofstaderman62d ago

My bro just got his Oled and gave me his OG. I'm playing Mario Odyssey and let me tell you as a primary Playstation gamer, I don't care if the Switch is underpowered I'm having a blast. I also live in country where we have electricity loadshedding and the Switch has been a life saver for me. Once I'm done with Mario I have Breath of the Wild lined up.

rockwhynot62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Nice! A couple tips about Breath of the Wild. You can FREEZE ENEMIES using the time freeze ability. You can photograph bugs and record them in a diary so that your radar starts to blip whenever you get close to one you program it to detect for hunting purposes. Shoot arrows at as many dragons as you can to collect their scales for armor upgrades later. Same as shooting stars. You can also deflect Guardian laser beams with your shield and set grass on fire by merely drawing a fire arrow back. The updraft from the grass's fire allows you to para glide straight up for a convenient boost.

I would search for upgrades that boost your grip stamina while climbing, towards the beginning of the game ideally. There's a respawning bow that zooms in like a sniper in an underground Geurdo ice cave.

Also, somebody found out how to obtain the master sword very close to the beginning of the game using a camp fire glitch.

BrainSyphoned62d ago

Great you like Mario and Zelda. Of course this article is is about third party problems but keep on enjoying the library you can count on one hand.

62d ago
Double_O_Revan62d ago

This guy gets it. The people that mainly complain about the Switch and how underpowered it is are the people that want it to be their primary console, and it will never be that. I too am a Playstation player primarily. And when I got my Switch near launch, I played the hell out of it with games like BotW and Odyssey. But it does sit for lengthy periods of times untouched.

But mostly it's a system I use when taking breaks from my PS4/5. I play both 1st and 3rd party games on it. I don't care if it's less powerful than the others, because it's a system built for convenience to take on the go or sitting in the back yard on a nice day. It is the evolution of the Gameboy and DS lines combined with its home console line.

Hofstaderman62d ago

Exactly. The Switch cannot compete with my Playstation but it fits in nicely between my more extensive plays of games like Mass Effect trilogy and Last of Us 2.

Sirk7x62d ago

Word. I love my Series X, but I'm sitting here right now playing SMTV. A good game is a good game, regardless of hardware. Sure, someone could say the performance and graphics could be better on more powerful hardware, but you could say that about any game that isn't industry leading.

Automatic7962d ago

Well said. Nintendo is fun in its own right. It doesn't need to be like the other consoles.

FinalFantasyFanatic61d ago

I just like how the Nintendo consoles still support couch multi-player, it's rare to see that with the other 2 nowadays and it makes having friends over for a gaming session difficult. So the Switch is now my go to console for that, even my friends enjoy playing those games despite being reluctant to play the Switch.

instantstupor62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

The bigger issue is you're playing - IMO - the best that platform has to offer between Odyssey & BotW. You'll get done with those & look to Nintendo for more of the same, and they have not put out a single game as interesting or ambitious as those two games since. Those early games really had me excited for what Nintendo would be putting out down the line, and somehow those were one-offs.

Hopefully BotW2 is an excellent follow up to the first, but most everything else feels kind of like a regression in comparison. There are still some decent additional titles (especially if you never owned a Wii U), but the fact you kind of got one for free & just get to dip in without feeling like you have to have justified making the hardware investment is about as good as it gets in my mind.

Also, if you play in handheld mode a lot, get a Hori Split Pad Pro. Your hands will thank you, and the analog sticks are much better than the ones on the JoyCons.

Hofstaderman62d ago

I agree the Switch is quite wide for me when holding and I'm getting used to playing with the Joy Cons detached. I am planning on getting a pro controller for tabletop and docked play

Hofstaderman62d ago

Yup pretty much my sentiment. I got it at no cost and no I've never owned a Wii-U so I think I'll be good for a while. Graphics don't really mean much to me, I still play Final Fantasy 6, the PlayStation 1 Final Fantasies and Xenogears. I also have never owned any other Nintendo console so I'm hoping they improve on their legacy releases.

FinalFantasyFanatic61d ago


Like Instantstupor said, I also like the Hori Split-Pad, it add some bulk, but it makes handheld so much more comfortable, otherwise I get hand cramps. I also recommend the 8bitdo Pro 2 controller and the 8bitdo bluetooth adapter (so you can use other console controllers on the Switch like the PS4 controller, or use other controllers on the PC if you don't have bluetooth on it).

DashGamer62d ago

That's awesome! I love Odyssey, and I consider BOTW to be the best Zelda of all time, despite what enthusiasts say. I'm glad they still produce quality in first party titles, it's what keeps me attracted to their platform.

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RetroCaptainSteve62d ago

Just reading "Nintendo have a problem" gave me a headache.