FIST Dev TiGames: Chinese Game Industry Foundation in Story-Driven Offline Game Is "Weak"

TiGames CEO Tao Zhang says the foundation of story-driven offline games made in China is considered "weak,", and comments about the China Hero Project, too.

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NecrumOddBoy65d ago

That’s because China wants your data and monitoring control; hence that is the heart of them forcing online. TIGames rocked it with FIST. Amazing Metroidvania and I with they left CCP and set up elsewhere.

Nitrowolf265d ago

yes they did, really hoping we get more like it from them

NecrumOddBoy65d ago

Agreed. I platinum’d this on PS5 and also the PS4 version. Absolutely a love letter to classic games and the metroidvania genre. I see a really awesome sequel coming from them and that’ll be a day one purchase for sure!

Sucks this game didn’t get as much review coverage. IGN gave it a great preview but refused to talk about it after or even review it.

sourOG64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

It’s on purpose. You don’t want to let too much imagination get loose. It challenges the state.

Lexreborn263d ago

My son saw me playing fist the other day got so hyped with it he had me download it to the PS4 pro and now he’s ahead of me….