Miyamoto says Nintendo wants to try expanding 3D Mario in new ways

Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto talks 2D vs. 3D Mario and offers up a very brief tease about what the company is planning for the future.

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ApocalypseShadow567d ago

The only way forward is either a more powerful console with an SSD built into it to really expand the gameplay to new heights.

Or, a real VR game and not a tacked on Labo project. Because Astrobot would like Mario to hold his beer in VR or Dual Sense controller on PS5.

Magog567d ago

If you read the article the "expansion" he is talking about is making the games easier and simpler so more people will play them.

Fntastic567d ago

Making them easier? Some Mario games are already almost too easy to begin with, if they do that then they'll become completely boring.

Magog567d ago

@Fntastic don't tell me, tell Nintendo.

Fntastic567d ago

You do know that the cartridges are already pretty fast for access time right?

ApocalypseShadow566d ago

You do know that a cartridge would never match what a developer can do with an SSD in comparison right? Try Again.

-Foxtrot567d ago

They've took Mario to Space, then had him exploring new worlds/planets so I feel the next step is the Multi-verse and Dimensions. The creative things they could do are unlimited.

They can revisit old levels with new twists, do different variations of our characters and add in some creative power ups.

ApocalypseShadow566d ago (Edited 566d ago )

Yes. Mario has been everywhere like Savwafair. We have seen that over the years. But he's held back by how much can be loaded on-screen and how fast based on the technology Mario is running on.

Those here that think Mark Cerny was just blowing smoke don't know any better. Thinking that a memory card is enough to do anything an SSD can. Sony's is just an example. But game development was held back which is why developers asked for faster access to information. If it doesn't change gaming at all, we'd still be running with HHD tech in new consoles.

That Mario Universe you speak of could be made easily now. It can't be done on Switch unless the ideas are downgraded to fit. Which is why new hardware is necessary. Astrobot is just an example of what you can do with the 3D Mario formula in VR. Some here don't know because they don't have a headset and just downplay from ignorance.

giveyerheadawobble566d ago (Edited 566d ago )

"The only way forward is either a more powerful console with an SSD built into it to really expand the gameplay to new heights."

Boy, have you fallen for the Cerny hype big style. No. No it doesn't need an SSD built into it. Show me one example, thus far, that the so called fabled super fast SSD of the PS5 has made a difference in terms of how a game has been designed. There isn't any. And don't say Ratchet and Clank, because that's long been debunked as being capable of running on a standard mechanical drive. Oh, and BTW, Mario games already run on a super fast SSD. It's called a cartridge.

Even if you factor in something like VR, a game still needs to be designed well regardless.

ApocalypseShadow566d ago

People claim that other systems could run Ratchet. But PS4 couldn't run that game in its current state. You would not be able to load levels, gameplay areas, objects on-screen, object detail at that level. I'm not the one smoking leaves discrediting new technology. You seem to be smoking a lot.

And, Astrobot is doing things in VR that make playing on a 2D screen embarrassing. The Dual Sense controller is doing things the Joy-cons wish they could do.

As fox said above. Mario has been all over the place but he's held back by old tech and old ways to develop on old tech. As PS4 has proven over PS3 with games like TLofU2 that wouldn't run on PS3 with detail, animation, etc. PS5 is/will prove that as well.

I'm glad you think game development won't progress away from HHD programming and developers should just stop right now making games as if 1ST year games are going to max game development. How naive.

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Magog567d ago (Edited 567d ago )

Mario GO incoming.

NitendoPowa567d ago

They can expand Mario more if they use Luigi more in the game let him help you tackle levels, if they can bring back Yoshi that would help as well

FinalFantasyFanatic567d ago (Edited 567d ago )

I honestly don't know how you're going to simplify Mario games further, they're pretty basic from a gameplay perspective as it is, the only option is to make mobile trash for casuals. One thing I find lacking from alot of Mario games from me personally is challenge, it's a pretty chill franchise at the moment.

If he means expanding into other genres/game types, idk what more is left, we have classic 2D/3D, we have Mario Kart, Mario Party, Mario Golf, Super Smash Bros, Paper Mario, ect... Although I'd probably be happy with another Mario RPG if it's done well.

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