New TF2 Update Live; Next Class Pack will be Scout

It's not 2009 yet, but Valve is back to updating TF2. Today they launched a new patch adding some offensively oriented new features. In the official blog post, Valve's Robin Walker also comments on future updates.

The next class pack will be the Scout, Valve is porting over portions of L4D's engine to TF2, and the Xbox 360 massive update patch is definitely coming. Sometime.

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Matix3597d ago

I love how these updates and packs are so spread out. They really know how to keep gamers interested.

ahnonamis3597d ago

I'm just glad we didn't have to wait until 2009 to see updates again. It's not often Valve does stuff EARLIER than they said they would, but when they do it's glorious.

JsonHenry3597d ago

Other companies really need to start mimicking both Valve and Blizzard on their great post-release support.

cRaZyLeGs 933597d ago

I can't wait for 360 update.

caladbolg7773597d ago

Curious, what were your reasons for purchasing the 360 version over the PC version? In my opinion, there's really no contest. It's PC all the way. Just interested in hearing the other side of the argument...