Kojima looks back at MGS2 on its 20th anniversary

Today is November 13th of 2021, and that means it's been exactly 20 years since Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty was released in North America.

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Welshy66d ago

This game was almost like a crystal ball story wise. It had it's share of haters at the time but I loved it and still do ❤.

LucasRuinedChildhood66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Yeah, a lot people genuinely hated this game when it came out because they wanted something else (more MGS1 but better). It's kind of crazy to think about when you look at well it still holds up 20 years later across the board. I do prefer MGS1's setting, music and especially the bosses and main villain but MGS2 is great.

3 and 4 gave fans everything they could have wanted so the hate for MGS2 slowly subsided, and now there's endless "Postmodern masterpiece" videos essays. lol. Something similar has happened for GTA4 and even Far Cry 2.

bouzebbal66d ago

People got disappointed of being forced to play with Raiden. And in the whole game was about putting bombs variety wasn't there.. The tanker level with snake was the most impressive thing though, and I had a demo with that section below the game came out and many saw that as fake ad with that satisfying section everyone thought only snake was playable

DarXyde65d ago

Certainly, Welshy.
I love Snake Eater almost as much as life itself, but MGS2 has aged beautifully.
The issue people took was with Raiden, which is kinda sad because it ignores the significance of the point that anyone can be made into Solid Snake given the appropriate conditions (hence, the "meme" theme attributed to Sons of Liberty).

Solidus was such a great villain, too, and excellent social commentary. I liken him to Malcolm X, where he was portrayed as a villain in the moment, but with time, you come around to the reality of their fight (and the sort-of erasure of their actions that are relegated to a footnote in the larger narrative).

I love Sons of Liberty. Such a forward-thinking game.

whitbyfox66d ago

Mind-blowing graphics that got us all psyched when we first saw the trailers.

Running round bored on a generic dull platform called Big Shell when we played it.

Thankfully Snake Eater was more than a return to form.

CrimsonWing6966d ago

I recently replayed this to get the achievements and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the story and game. Yea Snake Eater and MGS1 were better but this is still an amazing game in the series. I liked it better than MGS V

autobotdan66d ago

20th anniversary of Raiden!

CobraKai66d ago

Played this game natively on PS2 during lockdown and it’s still incredibly gorgeous. I’d love a release with all the cutscenes they removed due to 9/11

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