Update Your Xbox 360 To The New NXE Offline

A quick how to update your Xbox 360 to the New/Next Xbox Experience without taking it online. For the full story check out the link.

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mesh13596d ago

your chpice of headline is very trollish

darkdoom30003596d ago

wouldnt it be easier to just shove it on a USB (unless its huge, but it cant be more than 500mbs!) i dont have a 360, but just sayin'

MastaGT3596d ago

it wont work..what a buzz kill
'ive tried and tried...
using a blank cd
and naming the folder exactly how it why isn't it working?
am i doing something wrong..

Zulwarn3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

1)unzip file
2)copy the folder to the root of usb (yes usb works )
3)plug it in to your 360
4)now you should get a message on the 360 about the update

i suggest you download it from here:

scroll down to:
"To create a DVD or CD:
1. Click here to begin downloading the update folder. Save it as "$ " anywhere on your computer."

to download

hate_me3596d ago

do it,do it.... everybody does it

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