Dark Void: Exclusive details (GamePro Preview)

GamePro writes:

"Here's what we know of Dark Void's story so far. Will, the game's protagonist, crashes his plane in the Bermuda triangle, waking up in an exotic new land run by aliens. Known as The Watchers, they sport robotic armor with heavy ammo and, yes, the ability to self-propel. Will takes the fight to the alien scum, hoping to free fellow humans and return home. While the steampunk, 1940s serial setting is cool, Will was kept under his helmet for far too long. I've been told the final game's narrative will provide a better introduction. Additionally, the enemies consisted of roughly three different flavors of robot, but I'll chalk it up to the stages being shown thus far and hope that the narrative opens up in terms of both character development and introduction. Thankfully, a newly-introduced boss portends some industrial-looking shells hiding hideously slimy creatures."

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