GTA: The Trilogy Pulled From PC Storefront Due to Glitches

GTA: The Trilogy has been pulled from the PC storefront due to glitches, with the game experiencing numerous bugs and frame rate drops.

Orchard919d ago

There were 'rumors' online that the source files to the games were included in the PC version in a (decryptable) .pak file. Rockstar have now stated that it was made unavailable to play and purchase due to files being unintentionally included in the game:


Fntastic919d ago (Edited 919d ago )

It will probably get shared around if some already had the files, and then edited to make the game better. There's supposedly already a team working on multiplayer for SA.

jeromeface918d ago

More like hot coffee files and the old radio tracks... script files aren't source code...

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Phoenix76919d ago

Well, there goes "Grove Street Games" bonus for this re_release

Stanjara919d ago

2k: Holliday season people, put thos game out now!!!!!!! NOOOOWWW!!!!

SullysCigar919d ago

Poor form, Rockstar. What's the matter, not enough money?!

galgor919d ago

It's like going to the shop and paying for a sandwich, having a taste, sensing it's not right, and then the shop says no you can't have that any more because we did zero amounts of quality control. And they tell you this via email. In your spam folder.

Rockstar can piss right off for everything about this release.

Popsicle918d ago (Edited 918d ago )

This was a pure nostalgia play intended to make a quick buck. You could tell from quality of the remaster in the trailer they never intended to put much effort into the project. It would have cost them more but a developer similar to Bluepoint could have worked wonders with this trilogy and it would have tempted me to put money into it.

jeromeface918d ago

Some of us wanted the old games on modern platforms with better controls.. that's what we got. What you're asking for is something like the final fantasy 7 project that's taking years... no thanks.

Popsicle918d ago (Edited 918d ago )

No I’m not talking about an FF7 Remake type project. I’m talking about something similar in quality to Destroy All Humans or perhaps even similar or slightly lesser quality than Demon Souls. Not an entire reimagining of the franchise.

If you want to charge me money for a product that I already purchased 20 years ago, then I personally need something of quality in return. Otherwise I will play these games on my OG Xbox if I am searching for a nostalgic rush. If you are willing to part with your money for a change in button layout then that’s your personal preference and that’s ok. As for me, there are just too many games of quality out there that I have yet to fully experience.

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Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition is Still Not up to Standard Two Years Later

Worse still though, it appears as though The Trilogy has been abandoned by Rockstar and Take Two Interactive.

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Inverno153d ago

By today's standards, I'd argue that being half assed, having a couple patches, and being abandoned and ultimately left still half assed is infact up to standards.

VenomUK153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

Yesterday I watched a YouTube video that said the new Netflix iOS/Android versions have a series of visual improvements that significantly improve it and bring it much closer to the vision and mood of the original games.


banger88153d ago

That's just a f****** insult. They need to release that patch for console/PC asap.

Chard153d ago

If this gets applied to the Steam/console version then I’ll consider getting it

Cacabunga153d ago

Cash grabs have rarely been tuned

1nsomniac153d ago

It was beyond garbage. But we’re all over it now right? like it never happened!

anast153d ago

It's was supposed to be a mobile game.

Knightofelemia153d ago

This is what happens when you farm something out to the wrong people.