The Law of Diminishing Returns

Late last month, Microsoft was partying and releasing celebratory press releases to commemorate a landmark that many were surprised to discover had not been passed a long time ago: the Xbox 360, after three years on the market, has finally surpassed the 24 million sales of the original Xbox.

While Microsoft should be congratulated for the fine work it has done in improving almost every aspect of the original Xbox with the 360, the milestone it has passed should not be a cause for celebration, but for reflection. Let's consider the advantages that the 360 enjoys over its predecessor, some happy quirks of fate, others the results of the lessons MS learnt the first time through.

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Dannagar3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

"With all these advantages, it's curious that the take-up rate of the 360 has been only slightly above the curve of the original Xbox. A look at that list begs the question - why aren't more people buying the 360?"

Because it's only recently gotten to a mass marketable price point. The arcade system was the cheapest Xbox 360 over the course of 3 years @ $299 and $279. The magic number is $199. Xbox 360 has done a commendable job for remaining as expensive as it had and having hardware issues.

panasonic233691d ago

i was expecting article like this too put up ooo boy kids this days they do anythings make their self feel happy