NPD: Metroid Dread has franchise’s best U.S. launch month

Metroid Dread debuted for the Switch on October 8 and went on to have the franchise's best U.S. launch month sales ever.

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Neonridr186d ago

Great game, glad it did well sales wise. Nintendo needs to keep Mercury Steam close to work on another 2D Metroid in the future.

septemberindecember186d ago

Nintendo stated Metroid sold over 850k units in the US for October. This is over twice as much as the previous best selling Metroid game, Metroid Prime. With just the US alone Metroid Dread has outsold around half of all Metroid games total. When you factor in the rest of NA + Japan and Europe it is highly likely that Metroid Dread has outsold every Metroid game aside from the original and Metroid Prime. That's in one month.

I'm very glad Metroid is doing well.

ZeekQuattro186d ago

Well deserved. Glad to see the series finally getting the sales it deserves.

TheColbertinator186d ago

Glad to see Nintendo bringing back Metroid. They need to stop acting so quiet about their respected franchises and avoid the Federation Force/Other M blunders again.

Double_O_Revan186d ago

Now they need to give us the Prime Trilogy on Switch.

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