Genshin Impact Version 2.3 Trailer Released, Launching on November 24

miHoYo has released the Genshin Impact Version 2.3 trailer, with the update set to release on November 24 across all platforms.

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antikbaka74d ago

shame on anybody promoting gacha waifu shite

SDuck74d ago

shame on anybody who thinks that's all there is to this game

antikbaka73d ago

it's the game's core. Everything else is revolting around it

SDuck73d ago

no. It's not. You don't need to gacha to enjoy the game. The focus of the game is exploration, epic anime storylines and a variety of events like mini game festivals, house building events and combat dungeons. Waifus are waifus because they design really beautiful characters. This next update's character "gacha" will include 3 male characters and 1 old "waifu" rerun. If you're set on having an opinion about something, look it up before judging it for the bad advertising the company does for it, because that's the only shitty thing about the game, the commercials.

antikbaka72d ago

all those non stop events are made to make you play every day, just like going to work. Missed a day or two - your bad, now you won't get those precious rewards. So be diligent player and come, come everyday for your daily dose... I mean prize. Which is quite meh if you have only one copy of it.

focus of the game - grinding dungeons and doint prayers to complete abyss, and changing the last one every so ofthen that conditions to win match gacha characters/weapons.

Female to male ration of charqacters = 2 : 1

I've played this game for a year and now I know how it works and all the tricks it does.

SDuck72d ago

That's every MMO ever, how is the grind worst in that game? Because let me tell, started playing in December last year and never cared for the abyss like many do.

Also haven't played the game in a week and a half because I'm busy and guess what? It's okay I'm not getting those sweet rewards because whenever I get back, there will be another event that offer new content and the same amount of rewards.

If you played for a year, you certainly experienced the golden Archipelago. A motherfreaking new map that lasted a month and is now unavailable. The sheer amount of effort put into that alone makes ungrateful bastards like you look like the scum of the earth.

antikbaka69d ago

>> Greatful

Lol, slave is greatful to their corporate master. Good for you